Alarm on Cardinals! JJ Watt’s 2021 season could end due to injury

The Cardinals’ success is not a thing of luck or a whim of fate, the NFL franchise has cemented all its triumphs on good managerial decisions and at the sports level. One of them was bringing in JJ Watt, but it’s not all good news, because they can lose the defense all season.

Being the only undefeated team means that both their defense and offense have worked perfectly during the 7 weeks of the NFL that have been played. JJ Watt has been the leader of the Cardinals defense since day 1, but this Wednesday, October 27, he was ruled out for week 8.

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This Thursday, October 28, The Cardinals will face one of the strongest teams of recent years in the American Conference, the Packers and they are practically at stake being conference leaders and resting in the first week of the postseason, there nothing more.

Packers arrives with punctual casualties in offense, but the fact that JJ Watt is not on the grid with Cardinals will affect too much. In the first line of defense there is no one more dominant than him and that builds trust in Budda baker, best player on the perimeter to read opposing plays.

JJ Watt will not be against the Packers or in the following weeks, due to shoulder surgery and recovery would be almost three months, so I would be saying goodbye to the 2021 regular season. Against the Texans, Watt suffered a man-dislocation and further damage, which will put him out of action.

JJ Watt says goodbye to 2021 season with the Cardinals

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Could JJ Watt come back in the postseason?

As Christina Aguilera said: “Don’t give me false hope,” that’s what Cardinals fans want the least, and that is JJ Watt’s injury is extremely serious, the recovery period is three months and as he picks up pace to play again, it would be difficult to see him return.

Defensive end surgery is scheduled for the following week, according to reports from Ian Rapoport, so the three months would be completed in January 2022 and if all goes well for the Cardinals (as before) they could have him back in the postseason.

It is not a security or anything, everything will depend on the evolution that JJ Watt has after the operation and with the recovery. “A long shot“Were Rapoport’s words about seeing JJ Watt again this season.

So the mantra of all Cardinals fans should be: “99% faith and 1% probability” and this of Losing JJ Watt is a heavy blow because at defensive end, the Cardinals are the fourth-best defense in the NFL and the highest-scoring player of the 32 teams..

JJ Watt celebrating the Cardinals win

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Alarm on Cardinals! JJ Watt’s 2021 season could end due to injury