“Adama never stops improving, his potential is amazing”

Aitor Karanka, former Spanish international and currently coach, coincided with Adama Traoré, summoned by Luis Enrique for this Eurocup, in the Middlesbrough. At that time, the Blaugrana squad started his second adventure in the Premier, after leaving Aston Villa. The Basque reveals to The Sun some no-waste anecdotes about how it began to mold him into the player he is today.

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Play as a winger: “It seemed impossible when it arrived. Sometimes you find very good players who think they have reached the top, but Adama is the opposite. He never stops improving. His potential is amazing.

Tactical difficulties: “He had a difficult time at Aston Villa where he struggled to adjust to life in Birmingham and struggled with injuries. The first thing I needed to do was build a relationship with him and then it was more about tactics and trying to correct the mistakes he was making. He was surprised because after a few meetings I didn’t say anything. I said, ‘Look, I’m tired because I’m always teaching you. Tell me where you should play.’ Then he knew everything, he would go to the blackboard and explain it Everything. He knew what he had to do, but he didn’t do it in games. “

‘Help’ by Valdés and Negredo: “One day Víctor Valdés and Álvaro Negredo came to my office and said: ‘Look, man, we feel that Adama is a little worried because you are always behind him. Can you give him freedom? Because you know that sometimes he is looking at you And we’re losing his creativity. ‘He got better and then he started making the right decisions. Before, he would do amazing things and then he would miss the last pass or shoot when he didn’t need to. “

Physical: “He did not work because he likes his body, but because he knew that the work he was doing was helping him improve as a soccer player. Adama is the new Spanish generation that Luis Enrique needs.”