Abramovich’s Nine Obsession: 571 million

1628490649 Abramovichs Nine Obsession 571 million

Chelsea have approved the signing of Lukaku. He tried Haaland’s, but Borussia did not give his arm to twist and Abramovich gave the order not to wait any longer. Tuchel wanted a striker and, with the Champions as an achievement, he has won the candy. It will close for 115 million, a figure that could set almost anyone back. But Roman and Marina Granovskaia are not daunted, they usually do not, and they will give their coach more wood. Another summer for Roman and another nine more.

During the last summer market he did not miss his appointment with a nine. He signed Timo Werner, investing just over 55 million fixed. And the German has not finished convincing. Erratic in front of goal, Werner himself has acknowledged that more was expected of him in this first season. Chelsea have won the Champions League, but they want to dominate in Europe and England again. The club identifies the position of nine as a priority, once again. Since Abramovich came to the property, Chelsea have repeatedly come to the market to sign the best nines in the world. However, despite the fact that these players arrived with great prestige, many of them ended up being a fiasco or not giving the desired result.

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Before Werner, Higuain he had come on loan from Juventus to only score five goals, although he lifted the Europa League under Sarri. El Pipita, in a few months, did not show the numbers that had endorsed him in Italy. Giroud he had been the previous signing in the position. The Frenchman has just left for Milan. His cost in 2018 was 20.9 million euros and, with ups and downs, he has been a useful player for all coaches.

Less efficient was Morata and more expensive. It came in exchange for almost 70 million and it went from more to less. Sarri decided to send him to Atlético and, at least, the investment was recovered. Earlier, in 2016, Chelsea had signed a young man Batshuayi. 38.2 million made it possible and it is another that has never succeeded clearly. Nor was it the case with the transfers of Duck (2016) and Falcao (2015). The promising Brazilian’s career collapsed and as a blue he barely played a couple of games. Before, Abramovich came that he still gave off the Falcao that he had marveled at Atlético. He came on loan from Monaco and had already had a bad experience in the Premier with United. Injuries haunted him again and he only scored one goal in 12 games for Chelsea.

In 2014 and Chelsea went for Loic remy for just over 12 million euros. He didn’t become a starter, but he did score some big goals for the title. A knee injury slowed his progression. Diego Costa had arrived before him, in 2014 (37.7 million). The player from Atlético left his mark on the field with 20 goals to lift the Premier. Loved by Chelsea fans and hated by rivals. It was a hit, despite his way out after the run-in with Conte. Another LaLiga classic like Eto’o. Attracted by the name and his past glories, Abramovich gave the OK to bring the Cameroonian, who had already started a minor league journey. In 2013 he landed from Russia, where he played for Anzhi for 2.3 million. In January of that year, Chelsea also signed Demba Ba for 8.2 million. He arrived after having shone at Newcastle and, although he was not an indisputable starter, he left several important goals in the Champions League and in the Premier.

Lukaku, bought for 14, sold for 33, and bought back for 115.

The previous case is curious. In 2011 Chelsea signed a very young Romelu lukaku. If the same. Just over 14 million euros paid to Anderlecht for a promise. At Chelsea, without a place, he left good performances in assignments at West Brom and Everton. In the end, Chelsea decided to cash in on him and sold him to Everton in 2014 for 33 million.

More expensive had gone to Chelsea Fernando Torres. The Spanish starred in an earthquake in January 2011. 58.9 million euros was the amount paid to Liverpool for his pass. Torres was looking for more titles, Chelsea more profitability up. Torres took longer than necessary to score his first goal as a blue. In the end he made 45, including the one in the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona in 2012 and the one that gave him the Europa League a year later.

Before, in 2009 Chelsea had fished in City to sign a promising Sturridge in exchange for 4.1 million euros. 24 goals in 96 games, a loan loss at Bolton and a cluster of injuries was his cycle. In Liverpool he did a little better. It was precisely from Bolton that another illustrious name had come to the Chelsea attack. 17.6 million were to blame for Anelka, the great Nico, will put on the blue elastic. It was another January signing, at Bolton he had been thrashing with some assiduity, it seemed that of his origins and, certainly, at Chelsea he was not bad. 59 goals in 184 games and a great league and cup double with Ancelotti. Chelsea have good memories of Anelka.

Not so much of Pizarro, who was his previous tenant in the position. He came free from Bayern in 2007, but the Peruvian did not catch on. It was a whim of Mou. One year and he went to Bremen. The South American was not up to the task, for example, of Solomon Kalou. The Ivorian was not Drogba, but he was always useful. He came for 10.6 million from Feyenoord and was a profitable player during 6 campaigns in which they won the Champions League and the Premier, among other titles.

He was not so lucky Shevchenko at Stamford Bridge. The desired She goes, the great claim for Abramovich, starred in a transfer of 35 million from Milan in 2006, but did not live his best days. Roman himself had conducted the talks. His best memory is a goal against Tottenham in the FA Cup, but a big disappointment.

In the same vein as what had been Mateja kezman. The Serbian was the first signing of the Mourinho era for 6.2 million. Kezman was in the prime of his career, but he couldn’t show it at Chelsea. One season and out. It was very difficult to compete with Drogba. The Ivorian is an icon of Stamford Bridge, not only because of the Champions League he gave the club. It marked the spirit and pride of the club for a long time. It was bought from Marseille for 28.3 million and gave an exceptional performance. For many the greatest masterpiece of this entire cycle. 157 goals in 341 games, including the draw in the Champions League final against Bayern in 2012. Then, he scored the decisive goal on penalties.

Mutu Y Curly they were its precedents in 2003. The Romanian arrived from Parma for 17.6 million euros and the Argentine, from Inter for 19.8 million. Both led the restructuring of the squad that Abramovich generated upon his arrival at Chelsea with an initial investment of more than 176 million euros. Crespo went from more to less. He scored 12 goals in his freshman year and was part of the league title in the 2005-06 campaign. Mutu was also endorsed by his time in Italy. He got off to a spectacular start at Chelsea, but it all came to an end when a positive for cocaine even led to court litigation with the club for breach of contract. The amount in 18 years owned by Abramovich goes to 571.4 million euros only in center forwards.