Aaron Rodgers, the most valuable player in the NFL, celebrates his 38th birthday

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Staying at 37 years of age, at the level you are Aaron Rodgers, is something within the reach of very few players in the history of the NFL.

A day like today 1983, was born in the city of Chico, California, the quarterback who starts in the ‘pole position’ of the defense of his throne as the MVP in the 2021 season.

The passing of the years does not seem to diminish, at least for the moment, the conditions of # 12 of the Green bay packers. In the current campaign he has accumulated 11 games played, where he pitched for 2,878 yards, 23 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, this with everything and that a commitment was lost for having tested positive for COVID-19.

Now that he turns 38, retirement seems closer and closer.

A-Rod will enter a stage where the vast majority of players are in decline, or at least far from their best version. Without counting to Tom brady, which is a separate case, the rest of the great quarterbacks of the 21st century set the worst records of their careers at that age.

Brett Favre Packers 16 4,155 28 15
Peyton Manning Broncos 16 4,727 39 15
Drew Brees Saints 16 4,334 23 8
Ben Roethlisberger Steelers 15 3,803 33 10
Tom Brady Patriots 16 4,770 36 7

Games: 11
Make: 9-2
Yards: 2,878
TD: 23
Interceptions: 4

His predecessor in the Packers, Brett favreHe retired at 41, but precisely at 38 that he played his last chapter at Lambeau Field before trying his luck with the Jets and Vikings. In that 2007 season, Favre finished with 4,155 yards, 28 TDs and 15 interceptions.

In the case of Peyton manning, who left the NFL at the age of 39 after winning the Super Bowl title with the Broncos, had his worst performances just that season, where he was already struggling to make shipments that for much of his career were routine.

One of the legendary QB’s that remained at a similar level to what Rodgers has right now was Drew brees. At the age of 38, he played his last great course in the NFL, throwing for 4,334 yards and 23 touchdowns. That was the last time he managed to break the 4,000-yard barrier. Then he spent a couple more years in New Orleans with numbers down.

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There is currently a similar case in Pittsburgh. Ben roethlisberger He already has 39 years on his legs and his performances are raising more and more doubts. In season and a half he has combined for 16 interceptions, being the big problem in the renewal of the Steelers.


Finally, and who is clearly a case apart, appears Tom brady. Historic # 12 is currently 44 years old and remains the “king” of the NFL. At Rodgers’ age, he was still playing for the Patriots just in the year they won the title from the Seattle Seahwks in Super Bowl XLIX.

Name: Aaron Charles Rodgers
Team: Packers
Position: Quarterback
Place of birth: Chico, California
Date of birth: December 2, 1983

What of Rodgers It is still admirable, now the question is to see how much gasoline he has left in the tank and which team will enjoy his talent from 2022, the year in which he is expected to leave Green Bay.

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Aaron Rodgers, the most valuable player in the NFL, celebrates his 38th birthday