A relative of the Emir of Qatar publishes a photo of Messi and Cristiano together … and provokes the anger of Juve

Khalifah Bin Hamad Al Thani,, family of Emir of Qatar, is being one of the protagonists in social networks for his tweets that amaze more than one. If a few weeks ago I posted photos of Leo Messi in relation to his link with PSG when it hadn’t been made official yet, he has now posted a photo where You can see Cristiano and Leo Messi, both with the PSG shirt causing the anger of Juventus, and another tweet that directly concerns a player of the Real Madrid: Vincius Jnior. Although he is not influential in the decisions that the club makes, his publications acquire virality and fan the rumors in this transfer market.

“Maybe? Maybe? Peut-tre?” This is how the brother of the owner of the Parisian outfit called the photo. A declaration of intent on bringing Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo together in the Parisian forward, the greatest football figures of the last decade. Movement that, if produced, would also be another way open for the exit of Kylian mbapp of Paris.

From the Juventus They have not been slow to respond, showing their anger. Lapo Elkann, of the Agnelli family owner of the ‘bianconero’ club, posted another tweet in response to the Emir of Qatar’s cousin. “CR7 is a Juventus FC player. It is disrespectful to keep putting other t-shirts as if it were a chrome. If he changes teams, wherever he goes, he will have respect as a man and as an athlete. For us, football is a passion for generations. “

Vincius Jnior

As if that weren’t enough, he also posted a photo where Real Madrid footballer Vincius Jnior appears, and the enigmatic title in Spanish: “Look at your phone.” It is not known if the PSG try to go for the Brazilian forward, but the image and tweet of Khalifah Bin Hamad Al Thani has given much to talk about. The Brazilian has three goals in these first two days league, has the confidence of Ancelotti and is working as a trigger in the second half together with Rodrygo. In fact, are the big bets of the club in recent years.