5 keys for the remaining 5 weeks of NFL – Extra Point

By Eugenia Ruiz @EugeniaR_

We only have five weeks left of the 2021 regular season in the NFL and I don’t know about you, but to me this is one of the best closings I think we’ll see in several years.

Just looking at the AFC and NFC standings and the records of the teams that have been in the playoffs so far, we know that it will be a spectacular close in the weeks that remain.

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5 keys to closing this season in the NFL

The following weeks will be those in which the divisional duels will define practically everything and where those games lost in September could take their toll. In my opinion these are five things that could end up defining and changing everything in the NFL positions:

1. The Patriots-Bills divisional duels: When the season began, very few doubted the Bills weren’t going to win their division. However, we also didn’t think the Patriots would be that deep in that fight. That their two games of the season fall in recent weeks is going to put the AFC on its head.

2. The Chargers vs. their division: One division that is heavily contested is AFC West. A single stumble could knock the Chargers out of the playoffs, and three of their last five games will be against divisional teams.

3. The Colts reliving: At the start of the season, Carson Wentz and company suffered with a bad offensive line, mistakes and injuries. Fast-forward to week 13 and Jonathan Taylor is king in the running game, plus the defense is having some great duels. The Titans hear footsteps and we can’t rule the Colts out of the AFC fight yet.

4. The fight for wild cards in the NFC: We could say that seven teams from the conference are competing for the last two wild-card spots in the playoffs. With a minimal difference, it literally only takes a party to change absolutely everything.

5. The Dolphins finding the formula: Miami started the season 1-7 and now, after week 13 they have won five consecutive games. Things are not over for the Dolphins and they may even be the executioners of some teams that are in search of the playoffs.

What other keys would you add to define the 2021 NFL Season? What situation is your beloved team in? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.

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5 keys for the remaining 5 weeks of NFL – Extra Point