49ers, the best defense in the entire NFL

12/28/2022 at 2:37 p.m.


The San Francisco 49ers have the best defensive unit in the entire league, a field full of talent on each of its lines

The Bahía franchise occupies the first place in the NFC West with a positive balance of 11-4

The nfl has been a competition traditionally dominated by the defensesand despite the fact that in the last decade the passing game and the ‘inventing’ abilities of the quarterbacks they have surpassed the power of these units and their ability to nullify the rival on the scoreboard, there is a team that stands out from the rest in the defensive section.

San Francisco 49ers, despite having one of the most witty and dynamic of the entire competition, bases a large part of its aspirations on the performance of the defense, a unit led by the coordinator demeco ryans and that he has dominated the rival attacks match after match.

Beyond the role of his coach, the reality is that the Bahía franchise treasures a large number of individual talent that makes the gear work like a charm. Nick Bosa, Armstead, Warner or Hufanga They are just some of the players who make up the best defense in the entire NFL, a performance that translates into numbers and makes this unit a Wall unwavering.


The 49ers defense dominates in the main statistics that study the performance of this unit among all NFL teams.

  • number one in embedded points per game (15.3)
  • The first in receiving yards per encounter (290.3)
  • They lead the ranking of receiving yards per play (4.8)
  • number one in conceded touchdowns by contention (1.8)

All these figures speak volumes Excellent of the work of DeMeco Ryan, who raises different systems and ideas before each of the offenses he faces. Once the season is over, there will be no shortage of suitors who want to make him his again. head coach.

One of the main virtues of the team is the quality of its defensive line, made up of Ebukam, Armstead, Kinlaw and Bosa in the front four. These four players are a deadlock in opposing rushing situations, and have made the 49ers the team that receives the fewest rushing yards per game, with an average of 75.

There is a very popular saying that states that “attacks win games and defenses win championships& rdquor;a phrase that seems to have permeated Kyle Shanahan, head coach of San Francisco and one of the most privileged minds in the sport.


Just as every offensive unit has a star quarterback or receiver who takes the team to new heights, every great defense must have in its ranks a edge rusher of elite that can mark the difference at important moments.

In 49ers this player is Nick Bosawho has gone from less to more this season to become the top candidate for Defensive Player of the Year in the NFLbeating his top competitor michael parsonslinebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.

Bosa is the player in the entire league with the most sacks with 17.5, far from the second with the most catches, which is Matt Judon with 14.5. With two games to go, the 25-year-old is looking to beat two records All-time NFL records: sacks in a season with 22.5 and sacks by a 49ers player in a campaign, which boasts Aldon Smith with 19.5.

The edge rusher was chosen in the second pick of the 2019 draft, and has shown year after year an evolution by steps exaggerated until he became the best in the entire league in his field.

The 49ers defensive star is second in the league in pressures rival quarterback with 78 and also occupies second place in percentage of games won, with a 25.1%. He is the player with the most hits to the quarterback, 42and second in tackles for loss, with 18.

We could spend hours and hours talking about Bosa’s figures, but the reality is that it is quite a nightmare for the rival when lining up in the front seven. The player trained at the Ohio State University is unstoppable in the pass rush, his first step is undetectable for the offensive linemen who try to cover him, which he aggressively fends off thanks to his good trick.

Once the snap occurs, the 49ers defender is able to lower his center of gravity and look for the outside shoulder of your rival. With his natural power, he devastates everything in front of him, and in most of his duels he is able to defeat or condition the enemy’s offensive line. Bosa is the perfect combination of strength, speed and prodigious size.

“Nick infects the whole team with his spirit and energy. When he gets a sack, you can feel it in the stadium as everyone turn on. For me, not only should you have secured your ‘Defender of the Year’ but also should be in the fight for MVP” declared his partner George Kittle after the confrontation against Commanders.

Bosa occupies much of the rival’s attention, a fact that line players such as Ebukam or Armstead, that have notably increased their benefits in the current campaign.


Nick Bosa is the best player and leader of the defense, but this unit overflows quality in each of its lines. the couple of linebackers It is perhaps the differential factor, and forms the heart of a gear which works like a charm.

Fred Waner Y Dre Greenlaw they are the best duo in this position in the entire NFL, the first from the position of Middle linebacker and the other on the outside. According to ProFootballFocus, both have a defensive coefficient that places them in the top 7 of the league in this demarcation, a milestone within the reach of few franchises.

There are few players who read the game from the position of Mike better than Warner, a 26-year-old player who seems to be offering his best version, does. The former BYU player after the game against Washington became the fifth player in league history to record 100 or more tackles in five consecutive seasons.

Since San Francisco drafted him in 2018, he’s the team that has allowed the least in the league. Middle area of the field in three areas: completed passesonly 71, yards scored, with 1,330, and attempts allowed, with 134. . These figures speak of impact from Warner in the defensive plot, a performance that his companions, such as Greenlaw, Oren Burks and Al-Shaair, have taken advantage of.

In secondary, there are two players who stand out above all else: Charvarius Ward at the cornerback position and Talanoa Hufanga in the safety line.

Ward arrived last summer in the Bay from the Chiefs to reinforce the cornerback position, and his level is far above what was expected. According to PFF’s advanced estimation, he is the sixth best of his position in the entire NFL in edefensive overall, second against the career and the First in tackles.

San Francisco’s penultimate game against the Seahawks was a clear example of what DeMeco Ryans were looking for when they signed the player. In coverage, Ward only allowed D.K. Metcalf 33 yards of reception in 25 snaps, in which he also starred in two passes diverted..

In the deep zone, the performance of Hufanga It has made him a Pro Bowler in the current season and he is already one of the best safeties in the entire NFL in his year. sophomore. The fifth-round player in the 2021 draft accumulates two forced fumbles and four interceptions, and is a bolt in situations of deep passes anticipating the opposing quarterback.

The ex of the Trojans has established himself as a player with very good instincts also against him rival racing game or in situations of pass rush. Hufanga reads the routes of the rival runningback like a charm, whom he attacks with a lot of aggressivenessa character that is forging as the days go by.

These are just some of the names that make up the 49ers defense, The best unit in the entire NFL and that they are already looking at the playoffs, where they must be decisive to contain their rivals on the scoreboard and allow their excellent offense to get the games ahead.

The San Francisco franchise accumulates an eight-game winning streak consecutiveand they face the Raiders and Cardinals in the last two days, two teams with a negative balance and that have left a very bad image since the beginning of this season.

The forecasts point out that the men of kyle shanahan They will reach the postseason with great sensations on both sides of the field, perhaps the most balanced team in the entire NFL, and the objective at this point is more than clear: get there and win the Superbowl.

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49ers, the best defense in the entire NFL