49ers 10-17 Cardinals Summary and Announcements in NFL 2021 | 10/10/2021

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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals for week 5 of the NFL.

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They are still undefeated

The 49ers could not win despite their good defense and Arizona remains undefeated in the NFL for another week.

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49ers 10-17 Cardinals.

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4Q 02:00

Run for first ten and Arizona will return to kneel three times.

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4Q 02:31

Conner finds space down the middle and the 49ers have burned all their times out.

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4Q 04:14

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4Q 05:13

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4Q 05:54

Hopkins with the reception at the 8-yard line. First and goal.

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4Q 07:00

Murray with the personal run and moves the chains.

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4Q 07:49

The ball is deflected to Lance and Arizona will be on the field from his 49-yard line.

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4Q 08:04

They review the play and the fumble is awarded to the 49ers, who will return to offense near midfield.

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4Q 09:18

I launched with the personal carry and the 49ers did not advance. Good field position for Arizona at its 48 yard.

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4Q 12:28

Lance runs for more than 15 yards and San Francisco continues on offense.

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4Q 14:17

Murray is pressured and forced to release the ball early to make it fourth and punt.

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Final third quarter

49ers 7-10 Cardinals

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TD 49ers 7-10

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3Q 01:03

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3Q 02:08

Mitchell takes advantage of the trap blocking and takes more than 15 yards.

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3Q 04:21

Lance’s bombing of Ayuk plus a personal foul will put the 49ers beyond midfield.

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3Q 05:10

After three plays, Arizona to punt.

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3Q 06:28

Launch with the bomb that is incomplete and the 49ers to clear.

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3Q 09:06

Lance, despite the detour, connects with Sanu and the 49ers are still alive.

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3Q 09:12

Time out of San Francisco and they will think about it if they play it in fourth down or not.

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3Q 12:14

Great throwing pass and the tight end jumps to surpass the mark and gain more than 15 yards. First and ten.

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3Q 14:06

Murray does not reach the mark and Arizona after three plays will have to punt.

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3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Arizona on the offensive.

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2Q 01:19

Murray with the pass to Hopkins and Arizona is at the opponent’s 35 yard.

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2Q 02:00

Two minute break.

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2Q 03:54

Throw the incomplete pass on third down and the 49ers will have to deliver the ball.

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2Q 05:27

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2Q 05:31

Murray with the very short pass and it will be fourth down.

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2Q 07:44

Moore with the incredible reception and Arizona already knocks on the rival door.

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2Q 10:47

Hopkins with the valuable reception with everything and interference and the Cardinals leave the compromised zone.

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2Q 11:59

Throw the fourth-down carry that stays half a yard.

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2Q 12:58

Reversible of the 49ers that works and puts the ball within the opponent’s 5 yard.

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2Q 14:11

Ayuk with a valuable reception to move the chains.

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End of the first quarter

49ers 0-7 Cardinals.

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1Q 01:24

Mitchell with a carry that finds spaces and adds 10 more yards.

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1Q 02:14

Lance escapes and gets 10 yards to reach the mark.

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1Q 03:13

Murray with the complete pass that falls short and Arizona will have to clear.

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1Q 05:09

Lance runs fourth down, but falls within a yard of advancing and the niners deliver the ball.

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1Q 05:27

Lance runs, but falls within two yards of moving the chains.

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1Q 08:02

Mitchell with the screen pass finds the blocks to reach the first and ten in the rival field.

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1Q 09:27

1:34 PM4 hours ago

1Q 11:36

Conner with the personal hauling to move the chains for the first time in the afternoon.

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1Q 12:46

Trey Lance throws high and is intercepted on his first drive.

12:24 PM5 hours ago

1Q 14:53

Lance has pressure, but runs 11 yards to move the chains.

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1Q 15:00

Starts the match. The 49ers on offense.

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We are minutes away from the start of the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers for Week 5 of the NFL.

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His debut is coming

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Good defense

The Arizona Cardinals are among the best teams in Turnover Differential with more than five.

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Best attack

At 440.5 yards per game, the Cardinals are the league’s best offense in the first four games and will be looking to stay under that inertia.

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There is support

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The absent

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They already heat up

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Inactive Cardinals

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Harsh absences

Jimmy Garoppolo was unable to recover from his injury and will see no action this afternoon, so rookie Trey Lance will have his first NFL start and looking to snatch the unbeaten from his opponent.

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We started

The Arizona Cardinals want to remain the only undefeated team in the NFL against the San Francisco 49ers who had two straight losses at home. We start with the coverage.

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Do not take off from here to follow the San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals live of the 2021 NFL season

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups of the San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals live to Week 5 of the NFL season, plus the latest information from State Farm Stadium. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

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Where and how to watch San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals online and live

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Watch out for this Arizona Cardinals player

12:04 AM6 hours ago

Watch out for this San Francisco 49ers player

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San Francisco: stabilize the attack

Jimmy Garoppolo exited the game against the Seahawks with a calf injury that forced Trey lance However, in that transition the team found it difficult to move the ball and, together with the defensive errors, it ended up being very expensive and they lost. 28-21 at home vs Seattle.

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Arizona Cardinals: stay undefeated

Few believed in the Cardinals, but after four weeks they are the only undefeated team and teaching how to do things both on offense and defense, giving a blow of authority by defeating on the road. 37-20 considered the best team in the league, the Los Angeles Rams.

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Duel with a lot of rivalry

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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the match San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals live, corresponding to Day 5 of the NFL season. The match will take place at State Farm Stadium at 3:25 pm.