2022 Super Bowl MVP Candidates: Cooper Kupp and Joe Burrow

The Super Bowl LVI is a reality. Following the exciting conference finals, Cincinnati Bengals -through a spectacular comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs- Y Los Angeles Rams -who beat the San Francisco 49ers- will be measured in SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California to be the heirs of the Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The champion’s ring in a long-awaited duel, the match in which everything stops in the United States of America.

Bengals and Rams They will arrive at the home of the Los Angeles team with some fantastic seasons. Built on attacks with game directors, like Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford, exalted and defenses that have grown to uneven the games. They were the reasons that decided the conference finals and they will be the ones that clarify who is the new king of the oval ball.

Tom Brady, MVP of the last Super Bowl, looking for an heir in every way. Both in the strict, as the best player in the final. As in the symbolic, due to the increasing siren songs that indicate that the ’12’ will retire in this 2021-22. The most valuable player in the final is a hefty prize, and can justify a career for any player.

2022 Super Bowl MVP Candidates

Cooper Kupp (Los Angeles Rams)

The man of the year among receivers. The season from Cooper Kupp (1993) is, directly, hysterical. “We will not be in the superbowl without him,” he confessed Sean McVay (Rams coach). The numbers say so, because the regular season ended with the Triple Crown: More receiving yards, more receiving touchdowns and more receptions. The first since 2005 to achieve it, and the fourth in history.

on the field, Cooper Kupp is ‘a system’ unto himself for the Rams. In the conference final, against an elite defense such as the 49ers, was decisive. Always being alone surpassing authentic colossi like Bosa or Warner, and receiving in complex positions. It is life insurance. With this, in a final that will be more than even, he is a serious candidate to win and take the MVP. Bet for Kupp is to bet on life insurance.

Joe BurrowCincinnati Bengals

The young, charismatic and surprising team will arrive at SoFi Stadium to beat the localsand. They are the Cincinnati Bengals and their leader, Joe Burrow (1996) They have their best and greatest exponent. In his second year in the League he has reached Super Bowl and in the comeback against the Chiefs It was shown that he is not afraid of rival defenses, names since a year before his team only had four total wins.

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If Joe Burrow wins the MVP of the final reach a single record. would have won the Heisman, Best College Player Award, and the 2020 College Finals MVP, and that of the most valuable in the Super bowl. the only quarterback in NFL history. Being a ‘sophomore’. What makes the boy Athens candidate for the Olympus of the league with the most fans in the United States of America.

Burrow and Kupp cover previous covers, posters and spotlights. Two names that make a course will not be in anyone’s mind, but in 2022 they have stormed the NFL sky. They will fight for a legendary MVP in the 2022 Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

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2022 Super Bowl MVP Candidates: Cooper Kupp and Joe Burrow