100 predictions for the 2021 NFL Season

We are only a week away from the start of the regular season, and one of the things that cannot be missed are my 100 predictions for the 2021 NFL Season by Ulises Harada. Again I will try to exceed my personal record of 44% in 2018, but more importantly not to repeat the previous year, in which I fell to 34.5% (in a season complicated by COVID).

As always, the best thing is to receive your comments, creative insults and your own predictions at the end of this article and on our social networks. But that yes: do not forget that we are going to return to review them at the end of the campaign, so here we have an appointment to support what is written.

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100 predictions for the 2021 NFL Season

1.- The Buccaneers are going to win at least 12 games.

2.- The Tampa Bay defense will once again finish as one of the top 3 in the league in rushing yards.

3.- Antonio Brown will be the leader in receiving yards for the Buccaneers.

4.- Jameis Winston will have at least 87 QB rating.

5.- Alvin Kamara will be in the top 5 among RB in:

  • Combined yards
  • TD combined
  • Receptions

6.- The Saints defense will remain one of the top 10 in the league.

7.- The Falcons will be among the 7 worst teams in yards allowed in 2021.

8.- Josh Rosen will have at least one game as a starter (and a W).

9.- Sam Darnold will be out of the NFL’s Top 22 QB in yards and QB rating.

10.- Donte Jackson will have at least 5 interceptions.

11.- The Cowboys are going to win their division.

12.- Dallas offense will be in the Top 5 in four of these categories:

  • Points
  • Yards
  • QB Rating
  • Yards per pass
  • Attempt yards per pass
  • First and Ten

13.- The Cowboys defense will have 38 or fewer sacks in 2021.

14.- Washington will have at least 3 Pro Bowls on defense.

15.- The attack of the WFT will be at least among the 18 best in points allowed.

16. Ryan Fitzpatrick will play the first playoff game of his career.

17. The Eagles are going to win at least two games in their division.

18.- Philadelphia is going to have at least 12 interceptions in 2021.

19.- Daniel Jones will have at least 20 turnovers in 2021.

20. – The defense of the Giants will take a step back: out of the Top 16.

21.- Green Bay will win its division again, but Aaron Rodgers will not be close to the MVP.

22.- The Packers will not return to the NFC Conference Final.

23.- Green Bay will have one of the 10 worst rushing defenses in the NFL.

24.- Andy Dalton will not have more than 5 games as a starter.

25.- Khalil Mack will exceed 12 sacks in 2021.

26.- From the hand of Justin Fields, the Bears get into the Playoffs.

27.- Minnesota’s defense is NOT going to improve substantially in 2021, outside of the Top 20 in yards and points allowed.

28.- Justin Jefferson will have a regression in 2021, only 80% of his production (1,120 yards, 6 or less TD).

29.- Detroit will not win more than 4 games.

30.- D’Andre Swift will be the lynchpin of the Lions’ offense: 1500 combined yards and 8 TDs.

31.- The 49ers are going to win the NFC West.

32.- Jimmy Garoppolo will play ALL season.

33.- San Francisco’s defense will be in the top 7 in points, yards and sacks.

FROM Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers

34.- Matthew Stafford will be in the top 8 QB in passing yards and QB rating.

35.- Aaron Donald will NOT win the defensive player of the year (although he will be All-Pro).

36.- The Rams’ running attack will be among the 10 worst in the entire NFL in yards per carry.

37.- Seattle is NOT going to have a losing record.

38.- The Seahawks’ running defense will be one of the 10 worst in the entire league.

39.- Arizona’s offense will be one of the 12 worst in the league in points allowed.

40.- Kliff Kingsbury will be fired at the end of the Season.

41.- Buffalo is only going to lose one game in its division.

42.- Josh Allen will have a small regression, he will not exceed 101 QB rating points.

43.- The Bills DO NOT return to the AFC Conference Final.

44.- Tua Tagovailoa will finish in the Top 10 of QB in% of completions.

45.- Miami’s defense will remain one of the top 10 in points allowed.

46 .- Xavien Howard will be in the conversation of defensive player of the year.

47.- The Patriots will not win more than 7 games.

48.- New England’s air defense will not be in the Top 10.

49.- The Jets will be competitive, at least 11 of their games are defined by 8 points or less.

50 .- Robert Saleh will build a competitive defense, at least within the Top 24 in yards and points allowed.

51.- Baltimore will be the team that wins the most games in 2021.

52.- The Ravens passing offense is NOT going to finish in the top 5 in yards.

53.- Baltimore will generate at least 25 turnovers.

54.- Cleveland will be a Playoffs team and will win at least 4 games in its division.

55.- Baker Mayfield will finish the season in the Top 10 of QB rating.

56.- The defense of the Browns will be in the top 10 in both sacks and turnovers.

57 .- The offensive line of the Steelers will be a real problem all season.

58.- We will see Mike Tomlin’s first losing season at the helm of Pittsburgh.

59.- Cincinnati does not reach 6 victories.

60.- Joe Burrow will be among the QBs with the most turnovers in 2021.

61.- Ryan Tannehill will be in the MVP conversation.

62.- The offense of the Titans will be one of the 8 best in these categories: yards, points, third chances.

63.- Tennessee’s defense will improve and get into the Top 20 in yards, points and sacks.

64.- The Colts do not exceed 3 victories in the first 8 weeks.

65.- The Indianapolis offense is not going to find a rhythm. Outside of the Top 16 in yards and points.

66.- Their defense is going to keep them competitive, at least in the Top 12 in yards allowed.

ryan tannehill titans jaguars 2020
QB Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans.

67.- The Jaguars do not win more than 5 games in 2021.

68.- Urban Meyer will make at least 3 controversial decisions that cost him a game.

69.- The Texans are NOT going 0-17.

70.- Houston MVP will be Charles Omenihu.

71.- Los Angeles will win the AFC West.

72.- The defense of the Chargers will be one of the 10 best in points allowed.

73.- Justin Herbert will have at least 35 TD passes and 4500 yards.

74.- The Chiefs are NOT returning to the Super Bowl.

75.- The Kansas City attack will not be one of the top 5 in points per game.

76.- The problem will be the defense, outside the Top 18 in yards and points.

77.- Denver will have a Top 12 defense in yards allowed.

78.- We will see QB carousel in Denver, Drew Lock plays at least 3 games as a starter.

79.- Las Vegas will be competitive in its division, with at least 2 wins.

80.- The Raiders finish as the Top 10 team… of the 2022 NFL Draft.

81.- Leader in passing yards: Josh Allen.

82.- Leader in rushing yards: Dalvin Cook.

83.- Leader in receiving yards: Davante Adams.

84.- Offensive Rookie of the Year: Najee Harris.

85.- Defensive Rookie of the Year: Caleb Farley.

86.- Coach of the year: Mike Vrabel.

87.- MVP: Patrick Mahomes.

88.- Offensive player of the year: Lamar Jackson.

89.- Defensive player of the year: Fred Warner.

90.- Leader in sacks: Myles Garrett.

91.- Leader in total TD: Alvin Kamara.

92.- The worst team in the NFL will come out between Texans, Lions, Bengals, Jaguars and Panthers.

93.- At least we will have 2 head coaches fired before the end of the regular season.

94.- At least 5 players will be cut anti-vaccine during the season.

95.- NFC Playoffs teams: Buccaneers (1), 49ers (2), Cowboys (3), Packers (4), WFT (5) Rams (6) Bears (7).

96.- AFC Playoffs teams: Ravens (1), Titans (2), Chargers (3), Bills (4), Browns (5), Chiefs (6) and Dolphins (7).

97.- Conference Finals: Titans vs Ravens / Buccaneers vs 49ers.

98.- Super Bowl LVI: Ravens vs 49ers.

99.- Super Bowl LVI champion: San Francisco 49ers.

100.- Super Bowl MVP: Fred Warner.

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These are the 100 predictions for the 2021 NFL Season of Ulises Harada. Which ones do you agree with and which ones are there? Don’t forget to leave us your predictions at the bottom of this article and on our social networks.

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