A pacemaker and the ‘Blind case’ are Eriksen’s hopes

1623716269 A pacemaker and the Blind case are Eriksens hopes

The question of whether Eriksen will be able to play football again remains after the collapse suffered during Denmark-Finland. It is still too early to know and it will depend on the medical tests that are still being carried out, but there are cases of players who suffered similar situations and then have continued to … Read more

With Morata there is debate … and the good ones

1623705080 With Morata there is debate and the good ones

I write the first letters of this counter-chronicle at rest and I’m not going to change them, whatever happens. No selection has played in this European Championship at the level of Spain, at least in the first half. The game can end as it is and we will analyze later if Luis Enrique was right … Read more

Carrasco’s silk road

1623703187 Carrascos silk road

DI fully understand the veracity of Marco Polo’s travels to and from China, these were left on the books those famous silk routes that distribute the wealth of the Asian giant throughout the rest of the world until reaching Europe. The round trip of Carrasco to China could perfectly be a new silk road this … Read more

Eriksen and ‘The unbearable lightness of being’

Eriksen and The unbearable lightness of being

LOS ANGELES – We make them believe they are invulnerable. And we do it until they themselves believe they are invulnerable. Rafa Ramos and Elizabeth Patiño bring you the latest in Mexican soccer in a renewed show. Manzana | Spotify | Amazon | TuneIn | Podcenter We make them believe they are unbreakable. Until they … Read more