Achilles, by his heel is Achilles

Achilles by his heel is Achilles

“I thought about quitting basketball,” Jayson said just a few months ago. Two years without playing, ordeal of serious injuries. Crying, rumbling screams. Get over it and get back to the elite. Be a champion two years in a row. Granger, by his heel, is Granger. There is a story that Charly García tells when … Read more

Kallyas Premium Template

Kallyas Premium Template scaled

This Monday, at the Cenard, the final stage of preparation for the World Cup began. There were tests and medical talk. The final 12 will be announced on the 23rd, after the last swab. Mateo Díaz will join in Latvia. This Monday began the third and last part of the preparation for the U19 men’s … Read more

Incredible but true! Dallas Mavericks are hesitant to extend Luka Doncic long term. Why?

Incredible but true Dallas Mavericks are hesitant to extend Luka

Let’s put Dallas mavericks as an equation, now take away Luka doncic from there what remains? Nothing, that’s how many people think about this team in the National Basketball Association (NBA), namely, Slovenian is the backbone of the institution. Therefore, when the office of the Texan quintet arrives point guard request about signing his / … Read more