Zion’s weight issues alert the Pelicans again

The mess at the Pelicans does not stop if we point to the franchise’s relationship with its brightest star, Zion Williamson. The player is out due to a new injury and his surroundings have filtered the bad feeling that the team’s board of directors transmits to the player, especially David Griffin. The situation is cold as an iceberg at an important moment for this project despite the fact that he has just signed a new coach, Willie Green: he enters his third season and next summer he has the option of signing a contract for the maximum (207 million, contingent on being in the best quintets), which the franchise will surely offer you, or choose a path outside the franchise starting in 2023 (restricted) or 2024 (free). That bench has been burned a lot and Zion has not done his part, being regular when he has been on the court but inconsistent both in his personal maintenance and in his relationship with his teammates.

Jake Fischer details in an article by Bleacher Report some new details of this relationship of Zion Williamson with his New Orleans Pelicans.

Various reports have circulated in League circles that speak negatively of this internal fight. For example, that Williamson did not notify the franchise that he was going to operate on his foot this summer and only alerted when the preseason campus approached, when the press would ask yes or yes. To put another case, that Williamson has once again exceeded his usual weight and has gone to 300 pounds, which in turn is 136 kilos. Especially this last conversation, that of the weight, is important, especially if a player rises even more who, in addition to trusting a lot to the physical, does not exceed 1.98 without shoes. The desire to get injured does not work well with the little care that he takes to keep his condition at bay, so the franchise, with Griffin at the head, has already given him attention touches and has leaked the tricks to the local press of its collaborators.

There’s tension since his rookie season. He did not like how they treated his first injury and the air of cousin donna lasts since those times.

The university megastar who was promoted by videos on YouTube and other social networks came from Duke to the NBA in 2019 with a seamless resume and with great expectations for how someone who had brutally dominated categories would develop in the big league training like the NCAA. He has chained three major injuries, just the point of contention to talk about his level that is in any debate in which he gets involved since he was in college. His 27 average points with a 61% shooting from the field speaks of a player who, only at 21 years old, has a good background and good progression. His conditioning and also, without forgetting it, an environment that is not helping him too much to make the best decisions call into question that he is the player that the Pelicans, a franchise that has already gone through famous divorces with Chris Paul or Anthony Davis in the last decade Seek to establish yourself as an attractive destination for other stars and gear to watch for higher heights for years to come.