Youth participate in basketball workshops funded by Injuv

The Puerto Aysén basketball association, with the support of the National Youth Institute (Injuv), is executing its project “Back to basketball workshops for young people”, the initiative is financed by the Participa 2021 competitive fund.

The workshops are focused on young people from Puerto Aysén and their objective is to promote and contribute to improving the quality of life through sports and healthy living. It is important to note that during the meetings the capacity and measures required for this type of activity by the health authority are met.

“Strengthening the participation of young people is one of the main objectives of Injuv through the support of competitive funds. These sports initiatives are undoubtedly of great help to promote healthy life and sports among our young people. We congratulate all the organizations awarded our competitive funds, without a doubt that their projects help many young people in the region to make better use of their free time and promote a healthy life ”, said the regional director, Silvia Leiva Henríquez.

Meanwhile, the president of the organizing sports group, Jorge Farías highlighted the participation of the young participants and affirmed that “it is very positive that there are spaces for participation like these in Puerto Aysén, caring for and promoting the physical health of young people in our objective as association and with this type of instances that objective is fulfilled, we hope to continue developing projects of this type for the youth of our region since we are very happy with the results obtained ”.

Matías Bustos, a young athlete, indicated that “I think it’s great, it was time to resume basketball on the courts, after this time in a pandemic it has been difficult to train, so little by little you have to go back, and in the gym what better than basketball, it is good to know that these instances of participation exist ”.

For her part, Nayadeth Poblete thanked the workshops and pointed out that “these meetings are very useful to us, since they strengthen things that we practically did not know about basketball, they are entertaining and they allow us to motivate ourselves in a better way with sport, I hope Injuv continues to carry out these initiatives since they are beneficial for the youth of the region ”.