“You have to take advantage to put the young players”

Fabián Sapio returns home to lead Capurro’s first team. The coach opened the round of notes to the DTs of the DTA. He chatted about the preparation and objectives of the rojinegro who formed an interesting team.

How are you feeling in your senior return to directing?

It was something I wanted, I was looking for it. Last year I ended up with juniors in Trouville and the idea was to re-experiment with seniors. Luckily it happened at my house, Capurro gave me that chance and let’s see how it turns out.

How much does that return influence Capurro?

I am very happy, looking forward to it. I haven’t felt like this for a long time. Because of the times, I had been away from the club, but I liked the project, Capurro is doing things well in Formativas, the idea is to give young people a chance and that’s why they called me. The idea is that there are bigger pieces to guide them but that they are the protagonists. They are working from below with Pablo García and the coordination of the Hechicero Cabrera. We want that plan to continue to adults.

How is the preparation of the team for the DTA?

Luckily we started more than a month ago, those who are arriving from El Metro are joining very little, but I think we are going to get there well. The last to join were Guillermo Souza who was in Sayago and Matías Martínez in Unión Atlética. The preparation is good for now, they are all healthy and I think you will arrive in good shape.

It looks like a long roster for the DTA …

The main idea is to stretch the campus as much as possible, then we have to see if we can implement it. I would like to play with 9 or 10 players. That’s why guys from Trouville also arrived, and I already know them. The idea is to keep an intense team that can run the court a lot and play fast transitions. Then the returns and my work will say if we can do what is intended.

How are you getting your game idea in with little time of work with a full squad?

Perhaps it is the easiest, time is short. It is also true that I won a lot of time with a base of players from Trouville who came that I already know and they play in the same way years ago. The idea that Pablo Morales has there, I share it. Then we only had to connect to the chips that came from El Metro and that makes everything a little easier.

How are you living that it is a tournament with the return of the public to the fields?

There are many historic clubs this year, with fans who have not seen their teams play for a long time. It even happens to us with Capurro, who has a lot of ties with the neighborhood. People needed to go back to the courts. For everyone it will be special and that will be the competitive tournament, hopefully we will be up to the task and enjoy it.

They also improved a lot the floors of the courts in the division …

I think the improvement in the infrastructure made better quality players decide to play DTA. Before maybe they went inside. We also live it in Capurro, with players who told us no for not coming to a hard floor and taking care of their physique. Now that worked in our favor. It is good that it is paired up.

In which line of candidates is Capurro?

I don’t want to get the cassette out, I put together a team that makes me very happy, maybe we lack a little in the inner game but I think we can fight with anyone. The objective is to go game by game and the court will mark as far as we go. It is a tournament that you have to take advantage of to put young players. I really like that part and when they called me in January the idea was to do something similar to what we did with Gianfranco Espíndola in 2015 who played DTA when he was 15 years old. I believe that sport is for young people and they will have a chance.

What do you think of the dispute form?

It is not ideal, of course. The usual fight, the clubs vote to play little for an economic issue. And this year it is added that until two months ago it was not known if DTA was going to be played or not. It’s better than nothing, but I think that has to change.