Yamara, a basketball woman – Escambray

The athlete from Sancti Spiritus remains in the national basketball elite and beyond the Cuban borders

The secret is to always be active —answers one of the best Cuban basketball players of all time. (Photo: Samuel Velez)

Whoever sees her always in a sports outfit, with a ball in her hand, whether or not there is an event, with 37 years on her back, more than half of them on a field, usually asks herself the same question as me every time I run into her, in person like now, or digitally when he plays, like until recently, in a foreign club: where does Yamara Amargo Delgado’s strength come from?

“The secret is to always be active —answers one of the best Cuban basketball players of all time—, I can’t find myself sitting at home, maybe one day I’ll rest it, dedicate it to the child, but now I even go with him to the field, I come to the Yayabo room to make a few shots or to be in the weights”.

He can be seen there, even now that it is not well known when the National Ascent Tournament will start, agreed for the beginning of September. This is how it was throughout the time of the pandemic, when there was no event on the horizon. “I kept training, sharing the field with the volleyball guys and we divided the court, sometimes I played with them and other times, they played basketball with me.”

That is why it was not difficult for her to insert herself into the Mexican professional league when they called her from now to now to play with the Regias de Santiago club, with which she obtained second place and registered among the best in several departments.

“I couldn’t be in the final because I had to play the Caricom tournament here in Cuba, which we won. It was a very nice experience like all the ones I’ve had in the contracts, the team was super young, rather they got along with me because they had more experience and I could teach them, like Anisley Galindo who was with me, we got to know each other in the on and off the field, she was like their coach. I have been in clinics, with small children but not with young people, but I developed well, teaching them many things, there was a good combination, the team showed me the satisfaction and the possibility that I could be in the next season”.

It has not been necessary for her to be in the pre-selection or the national team to be called “Cuba”. That is why she hopes to be in the Centrobasket. “It is stronger than Caricom, you have to prepare twice as much, there are very young girls, but I hope to be there”.

And she continues shooting at Yayabo’s hoop in the midst of intense heat, while her little boy looks at her wanting to be a boxer. So, she threw the last question:

Until when Yamara?

I don’t know, it’s not just up to me, but as long as I have strength in my legs and arms, I’ll keep playing basketball.

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Yamara, a basketball woman – Escambray