wings of rise

Johnny Rodríguez started with a hot hand, finding the gaps in the Capurro area, so that Atenas started the game with the advantage, although the visit with Tomás de León and Seba Álvarez remained at stake. Again Lewis entered the black wings very well and pure triple Atenas left the first winning 29-25.

The intensity of Luca Ramos together with the fight of “Tute” Martínez improved Capurro at the start of the second, but a good entry from Modernell playing for the team along with points from Terra kept the Athenian ahead in a closed process. Andrés Rodríguez tried to take over from Capu’s attack, but it was Johnny Rodríguez who, with another bomb on the buzzer, declared it 54-48 at the long break.

But Ortega’s team was far from surrendering and came out on top, showing once again the character and the very good level shown throughout the tournament. Led by his electric baseman Luca Ramos, who was pure intensity on both sides, and the aim of Tomás de León, the visit began with a lapidary 22-6 partial, which left him ten points ahead and forced the minute for Sedes. Driven by its people and taking advantage of the fouls that accumulated in Capurro, Atenas began to correct the course at the end of the third with triples by Johnny and the “Kitten”, but went down 78-76 at the last break.

Still diminished in his integration due to personal fouls, Capurro continued to fight until the end, although he went almost five minutes into the last one without scoring, while the black wings had already regained the lead from Modernell. Tomás de León with eight points in a row put the visit back in front with three minutes remaining, realizing once again that this team was really hard to kill. The closing was by Modernell and the great Johnny Rodríguez, to the joy of the crowd that gathered at Antonio María Borderes to celebrate the return of Atenas to the Metro, after laboriously defeating the tough Capurro 97-93 and 2-0 in the series.

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wings of rise