“Who is the mask?”: A famous basketball player surprised behind Jaws

With Martin Inthamoussu as a guest researcher, this Thursday’s chapter of Who is the mask? offered a few surprises. The revelation of the character of the night was that of Shark, who turned out to be a famous basketball player. With this installment, the Canal 12 cycle reached nine programs out of a total of 16.

Those in charge of opening the night were the characters from Astronaut, Monster Y Sharkwho faced each other in a musical “truelo”.

The first to sing was Astronaut, who performed “Ai se Eu Te Pego”, by Michel Teló. After listening to him, the investigative team offered their theories about her true identity. Slim Fata bet on Alexander Caniggia; Patricia Wolf by Gaston “Tonga” Reyno; sofia rodriguez assured that it was Nicholas Cabre; while Emir Abdul Gani and Inthamoussu they mentioned Fer Vazquez.

Shark, for his part, sang “Velha Infância”, by Tribalistas. “Great, Tibu!” the driver commented. maxi cross after hearing it. The first to give an opinion on her identity was Rodríguez, who assured that it was Hatila Passos; while the rest bet on jeff granger.

Monster closed the musical “truelo” with “Desesperada”, one of the great successes of Martha Sanchez. Thin said it was about sofia balby; Rodriguez spoke of catherine ferrand; Inthamoussú and Wolf mentioned Manuela Da Silveira; while I win a Florence Pena.

After listening to them, the public present in the study selected the character who had to go to the elimination zone. They saved Monster and Astronaut, so Shark was on the brink of knowing his true identity.

The second duel of the night was in charge of ultraton Y Roe. The former sang an energetic version of “El viejo”, by La Vela Puerca. Gani commented that it was the mask that confused him the most, but he risked it. Luis Fonsi; Wolf preferred to talk about Abel Pintos; Inthamoussu of Carlos Vives; Rodriguez bet on Freddy “Lefty” Bessio; thin by Gerardo Nieto.

The person in charge of closing the performance stage was Roe, who sang “Fiesta”, by Raffaella Carrà. Wolf and Gani assured that behind the character was Jimena Baron; Inthamoussú opted for Lucia Brocal; Rodriguez by Emilia Diaz; and slim for Gladys Florimente.

After listening to both, the audience present in the study decided that Ultratón should go to the elimination zone to meet Jaws. Finally, and after a new voting instance, Shark had to reveal his identity.

Seconds before Maxi La Cruz took off the mask of the eliminated participant, Wolf changed his vote at the last moment and bet on Hatila Passos; the rest maintained their position Jeff Granger.

In the end, both Wolf and Rodriguez were right: it was about Hatila Passos. “The experience was great, I loved it. I never thought I would sing in a shark suit,” she said before re-performing the Tribalistas classic with the jury.

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“Who is the mask?”: A famous basketball player surprised behind Jaws