Who has more money Kyrie Irving or Stephen Curry?

The NBA has counted for the last decade with Stephen Curry and Kyrie irving as two of the most dominant point guards of his generation, being prominent scoring figures and incidentally the protagonists of several of the most recent Finals.

This has given both of them the status of NBA stars and, together with it, great salary agreements with their teams, also adding money thanks to contracts with different brands throughout their careers.

Curry has three NBA championship rings with the Golden State Warriors, two MVPs and seven league dream team picks. This has earned him recognition from the league as the greatest shooter of all time and one of the league’s most dominant point guards in its history.

He has $ 208 million in salary earnings and also considering the $ 80 million he has received so far from sponsorships, he has a net worth close to $ 160 million, as calculated by the Celebrity Net Worth portal.