Where De León steps on

The person in charge of opening the scoring was Johnny Rodríguez a few seconds into the game. Quickly, a triple by Sebastián Álvarez gave Capurro’s team the first lead of the night. From then on, the one who took the reins of the game was Nicoletti, who was unbearable for the visitor’s defense. The “13” generated with breaks towards the rim, seeking the launch of Andrés Piñeiro, as well as taking fouls near the rim. Fabián Sapio, seeing that his team was lost both in attack and defense, moved the bench in search of solutions, which came into the hands of Viacavia. Fabricio had a great income, contributing a pair of triples and defense in the paint, which allowed Capurro to tie at 19 with 30 seconds remaining. After a triple by Nicoletti and a free by Álvarez, the first quarter closed with a 22-20 advantage for San Telmo.

The second quarter dawned with a 5-0 run in favor of San Telmo in less than a minute. From then on, the improvement in Capurro’s defensive tone led to the local losing its way and starting to make bad decisions in attack. The departure of Nicoletti, exhausted by physical exhaustion, further complicated the process of the match for San Telmo, who in the last 9 minutes of the quarter only scored 6 points. For his part, Capurro managed to score 21, with Sebastián Álvarez as the main offensive weapon. Finally, the first half closed with an advantage of 41-33 in favor of Capurro.

The third quarter got messy relatively quickly. Three minutes into the start, Fabián Sapio received two consecutive technical fouls, which were whistled in a matter of seconds. Both were for claiming what, in their opinion, was a duality of criteria when sanctioning fouls. The Capurro team was left in the hands of Alem García. In the first instance, San Telmo took advantage of the general deconcentration in his rival to open 5. However, since the rebellion, Capurro imposed a 7-0 partial to get back into the game. The process continued evenly, and the fourth ended with a 54-52 advantage for Capurro.

The last quarter was eternal, really. An extremely cut procedure, with fouls on both sides in practically every possession. The most important figures in the room were Tomás De León and Nicolás Gentini respectively. Both charged inside, took many fouls and had the possibility of shooting many free. At the end, San Telmo had a double advantage (82-80), but an unsportsmanlike foul by Piñeiro on Cardozo made the local side tremble. Rodrigo holed both free games, but the team could not solve the last offensive correctly, so it was a tie final at 82.

Once in overtime, the game became more physical than it had already been. Both campuses exhausted, struggling with the last remnants of energy. Upon closing, Johnny Rodríguez scored 2 free games that gave San Telmo a 2-point lead. Capurro had the possibility of winning it in the last second, but the triple thrown by Andrés Rodríguez did not want to enter. Thus, with a final result of 88 to 86, San Telmo achieved its first victory in DTA 2021.

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Where De León steps on