“When you fix, you always want to go up”

Johnny Rodríguez was a key player in the momentous victory of San Telmo RS over Albatros at home. After finishing the match, he left his feelings for Básquet Total.

Against Albatros, San Telmo got one of those points that are worth double for their place in the standings: “Without a doubt for us it was a key game. They had been playing very well, to beat Capurro. They are a very even team, whether it is the quintet or those who enter, they all do it with great force and attack, making decisions; He was a very tough opponent to get us off the top and on a visit. Besides the importance of winning to start climbing up, if we lost we started to get down, it was key and we were able to get it out ”.

The Ave is a team that loads a lot in the paint and the offensive rebound, so it was a tough and highly contested game: “They go to all, all the players, they play very hard. They grabbed a lot of offensive rebounds and hurt us with second shots. At one point we got to get nine points, but back with that recipe they came to us, it cost us a bit in that aspect, but luckily we got the point ”.

After a bad first defensive quarter where Santo allowed 28 points, Masner’s team adjusted a lot in the second, about this, Johnny expressed: “I had already blocked a bit in my mind that first quarter that was horrible for us. We started marking the zone, but we had many distractions and they all, going inside, knew how to take advantage of it well, it complicated us a lot. Then we started to mark the man and we contained them a lot, we lowered their scoring a lot in the second and we started to flow more in attack ”.

The tacuaremboense started with a somewhat crooked sight, but when the potatoes burned, in the last quarter he appeared with four triples: “I took all the shots alone, the coach gave me the confidence to keep shooting. I have confidence in it, I know that my teammates also have faith in me and that at some point I was going to straighten myself out, luckily I was able to do so and contribute to the team winning ”.

Asked if his role in the team is to assume in these difficult moments, Rodríguez assumes responsibility, but he knows that he is not alone: “I think with Matías (Nicoletti), the“ Piñe ”(Andrés Piñeiro) and me; We have a team with experienced players that at times we have to take on and guide the younger ones a bit. There are nights that you do not give, but you still have to look for something else to contribute to the team “.

Johnny has a few championships up top, and on this particular DTA edition he opined: “It is a division that is very even, there are many strong and competitive teams. For now it seems that anyone can beat anyone, perhaps the exception is Welcome, which started 5-0, but it has also cost them a lot in some games ”.

Regarding whether with so many good teams San Telmo can sneak into the definition, he did not evade responsibility: “It is the division that is more even in all the teams, but when you fix, you always aim to go up, you are never thinking about anything else. After the championship takes place and you position yourself, being such a short tournament every stumble is paid dearly, but we have a long squad, a young team to press, run the court and at times think. We have to take advantage of that and climb as high as possible, that’s the idea ”.

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“When you fix, you always want to go up”