When will the Provincial Basketball start? 🏀

The call took place at the Arena Uncaus stadium and allowed the analysis of different aspects related to the competition. The conclave was led by President Gustavo Rath and Secretary Luis Stach, who offered details of the event; while Luis Cequeira contributed the competition options.


After evaluating the alternatives, it was decided to implement a system of home runs made up of teams from the three associations affiliated to the Federation, which will be played on Friday and Sunday, and the first stage will require three weekends.

After that, the first two will qualify for the next home run, which will be played in the same way, and then they will access the final stage. In a first survey, 12 clubs confirmed their participation, although it is estimated that four or five more would be added. This amount of teams would allow the tournament to be divided into four groups.


The clubs that will participate

The Provincial of Elders will have representatives of the three entities linked to the Chaco Federation. Hindú, Sarmiento, Don Bosco and Youth confirmed their presence from the Resistance Association, to whom Regatas would join and it is unknown if Villa San Martín will be from the party.

Meanwhile by the Saenzpeñense Association will be the historical Action and Uncaus; and the Association of the Southwest will take part in the Unión Progresista y Alvear de Villa Ángela, Cultural y Comercio de Santa Sylvina, Social de Las Breñas and Hércules de Charata, remaining to define if they will also be Spanish, Italian and Cooperativista de Charata.

Date of registration and use of Gesdeportiva

Friday October 8 was the date stipulated as the deadline for the registration of the teams; and the draw for the championship will be held on the 15th of that month through Zoom to allow access to all institutions. The start of the season was set for Friday the 22nd. Regarding the squad, 8 seniors were confirmed on the roster, and that each player must have at least one dose of the Covid 19 vaccine.

A key fact to take into account is that to compete, clubs must be registered in the Gesdeportiva, software in which players are registered and facilitates administrative and sports management. In this platform, it is possible to consult the data related to the equipment, obtain a digital license, know real-time reports and access game sheets, among others.

Source: Chaco Basketball Federation Press.