When the brown rooster crows

The duel in Pocitos had a clear dominance of the visit in the hands of Andrés Guillen, who scored easily against the inattentions of the Albimarrón defense. The local adjusted in defense and began to be clearer in attack, where through free rounds by Rodrigo Trelles and Juan Rodríguez they put themselves in tune with the game. However, the typhoon continued to reveal the problems in the rear of the Gabriel Pereira street team led by Franco Olivera and the well complemented by Nicasio Branca, put a partial of 10-3 that allowed him to reach a difference of two digits. Once again, the free teams approached the host, who went down 10-22 in the first quarter.

The second boy unlike the first got off to a good start from the perimeter for the tenants in the hands of Touron and Trelles, causing the rent to go down. Likewise, Marne continued to take advantage of the shortcomings of Guillen and Machado’s explosiveness, who only had to go up to score the goal. Before the Blaugrana’s zone, Touron and Sanchez again had a good outside shot and with the indication of Ignacio Carrerou to be more collaborative in defense, the brown one got to a ball. Marne also wanted to cheer up from 6.75, but without much success. The figure of Matías Gallo began to take relevance in the Bohemios attack, since two of his bombs and a couple of free ones allowed him to take the lead. A bomb from Touron finished consolidating the lead of the home game, going to the dressing room 43-41.

The complement had the homeowner being fully managed by Nico Sanchez, who, taking advantage of spaces in the area, scored easily. The visitors could not repeat past successes in painting and resorted to triple the hand of Nicasio Branca. However, Sánchez put two bombs in a row that gave the albimarron the necessary push to have a good income. The Typhoon wanted to react with the contributions of Dominguez and Arbildi, but Rossiello and Rodríguez were key both in their own painting and in that of others, causing the distance to consolidate in the double digits. In the final stretch, Arbildi’s penetrations in the 1 × 1 and a late double by Machado left the score 71-29.

The last ten minutes showed Marne attacking the basket very hard with Guillen and Olivera as flag bearers, putting it 5-0 at minute and a half. The tenant did not despair and with the triples of Trelles and the free ones of Gallo they seemed to give peace to theirs. However, those led by Tellechea returned to their roots playing with Guillen and Olivera and with a 7-0 narrowed their differences. Again the appearance of the albimarrón captain contributing from all areas. Marne did not have good numbers from the outside shot and taking advantage of the fact that the rival was already in collective, between Guillen and Arbildi they kept the typhoon expectant. Gallo’s triples were vital to close the process. With the free ones as protagonists on the closing, Bohemios took the game 105-94.

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When the brown rooster crows