When it hurts the most

The LBM playoffs advance and in those that hurt, two undefeated fell in the first half of the week. This and more, we tell you in our classic report.

Divisional A

The semifinals began with two bulky results in favor of the candidates. Capitol won it from end to end, with an early 14-point lead in the second quarter, with which they clearly surpassed Chalas Negras, 64-47. Agustín Zuvich was the figure with 23 points and 19 rebounds.

Domingo Savio maintained his very high offensive performance to sustain his unbeaten record and start his lead. He defeated a Palermo State that gave him a very tough fight, 84-68. The Palermitano played a great role in the third quarter, where after entering 15 points down, he caught on in defense and ran to lower it to 6. In the last, Savio took the plate and with a triple shot from Rodrigo González, he made sure to start 1-0 up. Nicolás Villafán scored 31 points, excellently accompanied by Rodrigo González’s 30.

Dardorland Palermo, reached his second triumph in the triangular for the permanence and maintained the category. He defeated El Beto, 68-63, in a match that he knew how to turn after being 16 down at halftime. With a 31-13, where the figure of the night, Fabricio Badaracco, who scored 21 points, was irrepressible. Alfredo Marichal and Mateo López loaded with big points to avoid the reaction and from there, the Dardo with free games knew how to manage the advantage to stay with the game and the category.

On Tuesday from 9:30 p.m. the second semifinals will be played. The day will be opened by Palermo State and Domingo Savio, while next, Capitol goes through the passage to its third consecutive final, against Chalas Negras.

On Wednesday at 9:30 p.m., Los Secuaces Del Pato and El Beto will close the triangle for permanence, where the descent will be defined.

Divisional C

Gaby finished unbeaten by MDAR to equal their semifinal at 1. They beat it 69-64, in a super-even match, which they entered at the last minute even. Alejandro Ledanis was the figure with 23 points and also scored the double that tipped the game in favor of the relative with Larrañaga.

Darseneros ended up turning the key for permanence and will stay in the division that saw him champion. He defeated 5 Pal Peso from end to end, but not without suffering. The customs officer entered the last quarter with a maximum of 16, where with several lost balls, he allowed the reaction. The 5th was within a shot of the tie, but Diego Llano and Sebastián Villamil, were safe with the free games in the closing, to mark the final 53-48.

The semifinals continue today at 8:15 p.m., when Sportivo La Lechuza tries to close the series against CHBA. The third and final game between MDAR and La Gaby will only be next Thursday, at 10:15 p.m.

In today’s second shift, August 25 and Tokyo Yakuza, they will define the last descent of the season.

Divisional D

America kept the category. He swept the series against Cagancha Square Dogs, beating him in the second point, 56-31. The winner dominated it from end to end and broke it in the third, when based on runs and triples, he put a 17-5, with which he opened 25 advantage.

The last descent will be defined tomorrow, when Todo Red and La Costa Cabras play the third point of the series.

In prime time, Whiskey is going through qualification to the final and promotion against Zum Felde Pistols. In the meeting that closes the day, Bardotellis and La Marrón will open their semifinal.

Divisional E

Shukushukule managed to get his second point in the permanence triangle, to maintain the category, defeating Mechasky, 48-46. After a very tight process, Matías Jasidakis with eight consecutive points, was in charge of unlocking a bad moment in his team when he knew how to be down, while Sebastián Piazza, ended up closing the match.

Today it will be the turn to finish the quarterfinals. At 9.15 pm, Palermo Dardorland and Millán and Raffo go for the ticket to semis, while at second, it will be the turn of Parque Rodó and Deportivo Montañés.

Divisional F

Entraña Fina ended the undefeated Aleti Torrente and in this way equaled the pending semifinal at 1. He beat him 58-53, in a match that he knew how to row from behind. He entered the second half 9 points below and from the hand of Gabriel Carvalho, plus a great contribution from Martín Pereira he knew how to equalize. Enrique Martínez loaded with an important triple to pass, while Pereira himself was in charge of liquidating the game from free play.

Saturday will be the third and final game, where Olivol’s promotion and rival will be defined in the finals.