What happened between PJ Tucker and Kevin Durant’s mother?

The Eastern Conference semi-final series of the NBA playoffs Come in Milwaukee bucks Y Brooklyn nets had a lot of intense moments as teams struggled to dominate. One of the best duels was Kevin Durant against PJ Tucker.

The Milwaukee Bucks wing took the enormous responsibility of tagging KD in the series, at least when it did not change brand. And of course, no one could stop Durant, but without a doubt, Tucker was the one who did the best job in that regard.

It was clearly a competitive match and there was no love there. But in game 7, after Tucker fouled on a KD throw, the Milwaukee player was furious about the charge and started complaining, that’s when Brooklyn forward mother appeared.

Wanda Durant and PJ Tucker met in the middle of Game 7 between the Bucks and Nets

At that moment, the camera stayed with Tucker and Kevin’s mother, Wanda. Mrs. Durant did not look very happy with the lack of her son and had a few words for the player. It seems like Wanda said something like “It’s basketball, not football”, to which Tucker replied “I love you” and the exchange was closed with a I love you too” by Wanda.

After the interaction, PJ could be seen laughing at what happened. It is impossible not to smile when seeing that situation. In a game full of tension and nervousness, it was a moment of lightness that relaxed, at least a little, the fans who suffered at home.