What a great game, Bergdahl?

The meeting began marked by strategies. Hebraica Macabi with individual brand and Ana Clara Paz in the reference of Abril Ramírez in Argentine duel. While Capurro planted a 3-2 zone closing the internal game for the Maccabees, who likewise took advantage of the perimeter of Sofía Bergdahl’s hand with 2 consecutive bombs. On the side of the wolves Antonella Aguilera was the clearest, being the goal route, taking advantage of the starts at speed. Macabi crashed several times against the wall imposed by Capurro, which prevented him from scoring points from the paint and hugging the outside shot with 4 in 10 attempts, which helped him to make a difference and close the first quarter winning 18 to 10.

For the start of the second boy, the wolves switched to an individual defense, leaving aside the area that had given good return in the first quarter. That was taken advantage of by Hebraica who was finally able to reach the paint and score goals below the basket. Only 4 minutes lasted the personal best for those led by “Cacho” Jones, who marked the area again. Hebraica pushed the offenses a lot and did not manage to stretch the advantage, but he did know how to take advantage of Capurro’s losses to achieve running points. In this way, the Camacuá street team managed to start to gain distance in the score, working more on offenses and pressing on Capurro’s exit. In this way the first half was closed from 32 to 16 for the Maccabees.

The complement started the same, but with a murderous Natasha Dolinski from 6.75, who again broke the 3-2 zone imposed by Capurro. The painting was still dangerous land for the Maccabees, to enter there was to go straight to the mouth of the wolves. But to his great percentage in the outside shot of Dolinski and Bergdahl he added the steal and run to be in situations of 1 × 1, 2 × 2 or 3 × 2 and achieve the easy goals. The third quarter closed 58 to 24 for Macabi.

For the last quarter the difference was great and Luis Pierri began to give minutes to the rest of the squad, further stretching the advantage on the scoreboard from the hand of the smallest of the team. Capurro also rotated and gave minutes to all his players, the match ended with a victory for Hebraica Macabi by 89-30.