“We would love to be able to reach the Playoffs”

The coaching round ends with Germán Fernández, who tells us how Hebraica Macabi is to face the League.

You came from two seasons in Trouville, how did they receive you in this new stage?

I am very happy working here and with the training conditions we have. Regarding the sports reality, I found a club that came from a very good League (the penultimate one) and another not so much with the problems due to COVID. It represents a challenge for me, by changing the energy a bit and putting together a competitive roster structure. For that we incorporated two important players like Barriola and Batista who joined those who were already there.

How much influence does not make locals on your own court?

Despite not having our court available, we seek to go to practice at Larre Borges as much as possible. The other option was Trouville, but it was difficult to combine schedules in Chucarro. I think that after not having played on the club courts, the localities can weigh again for this tournament. Even many foreigners found it comfortable to be the whole tournament in Biguá and without an audience. With the friendlies we tried to go to the fields, so that they too could adapt.

How satisfied are you with the preparation and the friendlies that they played?

Having many players in El Metro made it difficult for us to do 5 × 5. We decided to replace it with more friendlies, to test things and measure ourselves with the rivals. That is why we had friendlies with Urupan, Defensor, Goes, Capitol, Malvín and Biguá. Just this last week we had the full squad, as if to prepare for the debut.

Barriola was champion and Batista was recently in Hebraica. How much can you give to this group?

Batista is going to be the best intern coming as a replacement for the entire League, I am sure he can fulfill it. Barriola provides solutions, defending large perimeter or open interiors. In principle they come as a replacement, in a schedule of distributed minutes. Then it will depend on the performances and moments of the game. They will contribute their experience, especially in critical situations. They are working very well, being in solidarity so that Maccabi does well. Since we talked with them, we clearly explained what their role would be. Beyond the fact that they are not headlines, it is currently more important who closes than those who start.

Semiglia became Maccabi’s franchise tab in recent seasons, based on his performances. What role will Gastón have in your structure?

Last year he made a lot of decisions, because it was necessary for him to carry the offense. The idea is that it is more preponderant product of finding more company and spaces. Natesan is going to help you in that regard. We seek to regulate the time on the Semiglia court, so that the 35 minutes do not have to wear out. Instead of needing the ball all the time, it will be even more influential when it appears.

In addition to the foreigners, you already had the young people who were in the club. How did you find Galletto, Terra, Oyenard, and Ambrosoni?

The bases have the talent to consolidate at this level. Galletto is coming off a great Metro and Terra recovered very well from the injury. Oyenard and Ambrosoni are in another stage, of gaining place from the work they do. They are going to give us intensity and defense.

What is the contribution that foreigners Gokul Natesan, Billy White and Gerard Devaughn can give you?

Devaugn is a great center, but he can share the field with Batista. He has a fourth distance shot and is a very supportive professional. White is naturally a power forward, who has offensive talent as well. Natesan is a game generator, with a good three-point hand. We need to flatten them so that they feel important. They should understand that here it is very physical and that contact is sometimes allowed.

The best version of Trouville you led was with many kids, defending hard and with a high collective level. Are you looking for something similar in this experience?

The intention is to have a couple of players per position, to reach 10 in the rotation. We have Barriola, White and Oyenard who are multifunctional as well. The idea is that they have minutes and are of quality, then the performances will define. As seen so far in the friendlies, most intend to expand the squad, at least for the first part of the tournament. Later in the playoffs it is normal for that to be shortened, but extending it makes the decisive stage cooler.

How do you want your team to play?

With an intense first line with short and quality minutes. On offense, have several contributing hands, ideally with four or five in the double digit so as not to depend on a single goal route.

What is the club’s goal for this season?

We would love to be able to make the playoffs and be in the tournament definition. We also have to build to aspire to something like this. It is difficult to define the 8 because there are 12 that are very even. Even Aguada, who is a candidate, starts from behind due to sanction. The locations also influence for better or worse, depending on how the teams start.

The fixture marks that the debut is on Monday at the Palace against Peñarol. Then they play with Malvín, Olimpia and Biguá. It seems like a rough start. What do you expect for that start?

We had a difficult start. The reality is that if we do well in the first stage, avoiding obstacles and scoring points, confidence will rise. Sometimes with rivals a priori more accessible to move, then it turns into a more complex closing. On the other hand, there are no such weak teams either.

Who are the candidates for the title?

Until it starts and we are complete on the court, it will be difficult to predict. Big part with an advantage, for maintaining the structure and not having yielded many to the Metro. Peñarol has had foreigners training together for a long time, so they also have great preparation. Aguada, due to the hiring and talent, also has a privileged place. The rest will depend on how we start and oil ourselves.

Again the dispute format was modified. Do you like that they are two wheels and all against all?

It seems fair to me for playing two wheels, home and away. And while the pandemic seems more under control, no one is exempt. As there are more matches, any problem gives a little more margin to recover than in a wheel. The play-in I do not know if it is the best, because after 26 games up it can leave teams out of the playoffs. Although on the other hand, it gives one more possibility to compete to those who come below.

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“We would love to be able to reach the Playoffs”