“We will not stop dreaming about promotion”

Rodrigo Cardozo was the great figure of Capurro in the victory at home against Atenas at the start of the DTA, after the match Total Basketball went in search of the word of Rusito.

“It is divine to win the way the game took place, we deserved it because of the work we had been doing in practice and even more so against a very tough opponent like Athens. The game was quite complicated for us, but at the end the free practice games entered and in the overtime we played the pick with Álvarez against Monteverde and there we were able to close the game “, began by saying the native of Lagomar about the key triumph.

On the reality of Capurro he commented, “I believe that Atenas together with Welcome and Reducto are the three strongest teams, but we are not going to stop dreaming about promotion, that’s why I came, like other teammates.”

El Rusito made reference to the campus, “We have a very competitive team, anyone who comes in can give a hand, we have top-class players, we have to take advantage of that and adapt to the role that each one of us has.”

With respect to how the team experienced the premiere of the floating floor, he highlighted, “The apartment is divine, it is a tremendous work from the people of the club and the neighborhood. It is really remarkable to play like that ”.

Cardozo is a figurine that every team wants in their album in promotion tournaments, “I try to play where necessary, this season I will have more prominence and I like to assume that role that I think I lost a bit in the last Metro with Lagomar. Sometimes I get left aside and I have to keep working so that they see me as a better player ”.

In these types of tournaments, starting with the right foot is key, “In this type of short championships winning like this is incredible and even more so against a strong rival like Athens, now we have to continue down this path. Finally, he sent a loud greeting to the “Torito” Gentini “.

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“We will not stop dreaming about promotion”