“We want and we have to go up”

Cordón got the point he needed to move on to the next phase. After the victory against Tabaré, Marcos Marotta spoke.

The first words after the period and the passage were: “Without a doubt it was key to win today. We knew that if we achieved the point we would have a few more days off, since we have a large squad. This point was good for us, not only physically, but also mentally and that’s the most important thing ”.

“It is becoming a habit and it is not good to start six or eight points down. It is necessary to improve and it is a matter of concentration. After halftime, we feel better in the game, we change the rhythm and we end up enjoying what we achieved “, he said regarding the team of the first and second half.

On his arrival at the squad with the championship already started and how he is feeling, he said: “I am very well and very confident. From the first minute I stepped foot in the club, Diego (Losada) told me: ‘Play your game, you have freedom’ and I’m enjoying the game that some seasons I couldn’t feel it ”.

“The campus in the mood was always good. At no time were there bad relationships, on the contrary, we always look for solutions and that was the most important thing. After that, building that is the hardest. Winning the other day, he took off the mufa we had and we played looser “, analyzed the state of mind of the campus when things did not happen.

From the moment when the streak of 0-5 was, he scored: “It was horrible, for the worse, I arrived and we lost three games in a row and they told me it was the mufa. My brother sent me the photo of the Colorado Liberman (laughs) ”.

“Now it’s Sayago’s turn. They play with a very high speed, they know how to move the ball and they have Riauka and the ‘Ball’ who are excellent players and the young people contribute theirs. It is an example team, it is working very well and showing that young people can play and integrate “, He said regarding what is coming.

He left a final message for the people of the club: “We want and we have to go up, from the first minute. When we had the ugly streak, we knew we had to go up and that’s why we go ”.