“We must take care of basketball together”

Larrañaga got his fourth victory in the championship after beating Albatros on his court. After finishing the match, Basketball Total spoke with one of the party’s figures, Agustín Cabillón, who commented on his impressions of the victory, as well as the episode on the court by Larre Borges.

On the importance of returning to victory, Cabillón commented: “The truth is that it is very important. The other day we were hurt by the way we lost, which escaped us in the end, but luckily we are still good. We are strong as a team and now we have to think about the next game”.

Larrañaga got his third home win and remains undefeated on his court. On the importance of this, Agustín said: “We spoke at the time that we had to become strong at home, that we could not leave points on our court and luckily we have been achieving it. It is also important to win games outside, as the other day we did with Reducto. With Atenas and Paysandú it was not given to us, but I think we are on the right track. We are maintaining the defensive intensity that makes us grow during the same game, even in long games we can keep up the pace for which I am very happy and we must continue working”.

Regarding that defensive intensity, in this match he allowed several robberies on the front line to run the court: “The truth is that it is so. We have players on the front line who have many legs, who work and train a lot, physically they are very well so that allows us all to be looser to defend and give help, which makes the team flow in a better way”.

He also made reference to the long team that Larrañaga has: “We have players with a good hand from the outside and we also have our game in the paint, so we have to read well when the games are to put it inside and from there generate. I think that everyone is having their moment to score, everyone on the squad has participated and without a doubt that is important”.

Finally, he referred to the episode that happened at the end of the match against Athens: “Actually the situation was what is observed in the video. At the moment I do not realize what happened through the beats of the party. Then they make me see what had happened and I only have to say that they are things that are good that they do not happen again so that this type of situation is not generated in the games. We must take care of basketball together”.

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“We must take care of basketball together”