“We know the importance of this shirt, it is the king of cups”

Facundo Izarrualde had a huge income in Welcome’s great win against Capurro, after the victory, he spoke with BT.

On the importance of winning and remaining undefeated, he began by saying: “He was a very tough opponent, they were seconds behind us. Today he is one of the strongest in the division, we had Emilio’s loss, they that of Álvarez, so they were going to distribute the goals more, we had to be hard behind and not despair because of the shots that came in. the first half because those percentages were not going to be able to be maintained, luckily at the end of the game we could take it “

On the team’s weak start in the first quarter: “We entered asleep, it always costs us the first minutes, but beyond that, Capurro had very high percentages, 8 triples in the first quarter is a lot for this division. Today people made themselves felt on their return, we hadn’t played with people for a long time, so it took us a bit to get into the rhythm “

Facu felt at home, literally: “I know it by heart: the dimensions of the hoop, the floor. I feel quite comfortable playing here, it is a very strange feeling, but it is beautiful to play at home. I had not had to play with another shirt and less in a big box like Welcome, we know what to wear and the importance of this shirt, that’s why it is the king of cups, I am very happy to be here “

“Little by little I am finding my role in the team, sometimes one comes with high expectations and needs a blow to the ground. I am happy with the role that I am fulfilling, I am learning a lot with the experience sheets that are on the campus, you learn a lot with them, little by little we will add minutes and experience “ He spoke about his role on the team.

The shouts of the great Fefo Ruiz from the rostrum were felt: “In Bohemios Fefo was also felt (laughs), defense matters a lot to him. It’s good to feel him from outside supporting the team, and more so with what Fefo represents for the club and our basketball. And the truth is that he is right, we have to turn on defense because ahead we know what we can give, the balls are going to enter. If we turn on the back, we will go well “

Athens is coming: “On paper, the candidate together with us is a special match for the people, we must win it to make the fans happy and confirm the candidate badge that we have in the tournament”

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“We know the importance of this shirt, it is the king of cups”