“We know that the Welcome people are one more player”

Santiago Rocha was a shock from the substitutes bench and one of the great figures of Welcome in his victory against Marne. After the victory, the “Monkey” stopped to talk with Total Basketball, about the game, the championship and what he had to work to earn his minutes in a squad full of figures.

On the complicated match, Rocha said: “It was a difficult game. We knew that Marne has most of the players who shoot from outside and at a certain point the outside shot made it difficult for us, the zone did not serve us at first. Until we started to change, a little bit of going to the man, some combined, to the man again, changing, was what gave us results and gave us results to win the game”.

When I entered Pedro, he told me to come in to defend and to block the defensive rebound, because they were taking a lot of rebounds, and that when I stayed, I threw it, that’s what I did, the teammates gave me confidence and luckily the shots were able to enter“Declared the” Monkey “about his great income averaging the third quarter.

In reference to how it is done to assume in a squad of many figures, where sometimes by name it costs a little to take the baton in attack, the 32 of the W commented: “The truth is that they are all players with a good hand, the first thing is that they must throw it, but if we have any left, we must throw it with confidence, if it is necessary to err, the teammates will continue to give you confidence, until one of them is going to get in (laughs)”.

We know that the Welcome people are just another player, that they are there at any time to support, be it good or bad. Not playing at Welcome is difficult, since it is where we practice every day, changing the court in a regular way is complicated, we hope we will have the chance to play there and with our people”, Said Santiago about being able to play in Frugoni and with his audience.

Beyond sports, training and demanding, the “Monkey” had the opportunity to work on other aspects of psychology. On how much that helped him, he replied: “At the beginning of the championship I went with a psychologist, who is Rodrigo de Armas, who really helped me a lot. I try before games to meditate a bit, to clear my head, and if I don’t have to play, I don’t get angry. I know that at some point I will have to play, and when I do I must be with a cold, clean mind to help win the games”.

It is very important to start like this because we arm ourselves to go up. This squad is to be champion, we have players like Newsome, Taboada, Meira, Matías (De Gouveia), Cristian (Modernell) and some kid like Facu (Grolla), the other Facu (Izuarralde), Marcelo Rosas who are there to help. We know that the matches are going to be complicated, but that in the bank we have help to get ahead and be able to jump over obstacles“Said the kid from the W.

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“We know that the Welcome people are one more player”