“We know that no one had us among the four above”

Guillermo Souza was the best player in Capurro’s great triumph over Reducto to be at the top. After partying properly, he spoke with BT.

Capurro became strong at home and surprised by defeating two candidates at the start: “We came to surprise, we know that nobody had us among the top four in the predictions, but we are showing what we are for on the court.”

The match against Reducto was marked by the lapidary partial 21-1 in the second quarter, consulted about this strange situation between two even teams, he said: “Our strength is defense, in the first quarter we allowed too many points (23), we knew it was wrong and that that way we were not going to be able to carry the game. We got tough at the back and the game started with a lot of court runs ”.

Souza burned it with triples as we are used to, but he was also able to add rebounds, blocks and many more aspects of the game: “What I am most interested in is that I was good on defense, that’s the main thing. In attack in addition to the outside shot, which is something I have practiced, I wanted to add other things to my game. In the last game there was not so much, but today I was able to score on a counterattack and breaks to the rim, luckily they entered ”.

The game was hot and contested, with the odd heavy hand. Regarding the game of the divisional, Guillermo made it clear that it does not bother him: “It’s going to be like this, the division is like this. You have to get used to it, it helps to improve, to get stronger. One gets used”.

After taking out two tough teams, it is natural to dream of the highest: “We are to fight above. We beat two difficult ones, but those who come are also tough, it is a short championship where every victory counts. We have to go out to tread whenever we can, each game is going to be difficult and we cannot sleep with anyone ”.

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“We know that no one had us among the four above”