“We know how to play basketball when we want to”

Juan Modernell was key in the victory of Deportivo Paysandú, contributing 24 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. After the game, he spoke with Basketball Total.

Regarding Deportivo Paysandú’s debut in DTA 2021, Juan said: “As in any first game there was a lot of anxiety in both tables. We had had a couple of friendlies against them, and that helped us to realize what their virtues were, which were running the court, attacking the offensive rebound and being intense behind. I think the key to victory was in being able to stop those things”.

In the third quarter, Larrañaga changed the defensive plan and managed to lower the scoring to Modernell, who could only score 2 points. However, he focused on generating for his teammates, who notably showed their faces. “We know how to play basketball when we want to. They had more spaces left and they took advantage of them. Today they marked me, at another time they will mark another teammate and we will appear. This is so, a game of streaks and nights”, He commented.

On how he sees Deportivo Paysandú, he said: “I see us very well. I am very happy with the team. The “Bug” achieved a defensive intensity that is very important in this Division. The first thing was to be able to get this first victory at home. We have to continue like this”.

Before Larrañaga, Modernell had his debut in the DTA, on which he commented: “It is my first time playing in this Division. You have to get used to the fact that they are going to hit you and they are going to defend you all over the pitch. Referees sometimes apply the “go ahead”, and you have to get used to that”.

Finally, Juan dedicated a few words to the Paysa fans, who encouraged and made themselves felt throughout the match: “It is beautiful to have this swollen. It is very important for us. Many people came, they supported the whole party, and that is fundamental. We are going to ask you to continue supporting that we are going to continue the victorious streak”.

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“We know how to play basketball when we want to”