“We have to achieve the objectives and get into the final”

Hebraica and Macabi took first place in the regular phase of the Women’s Basketball League by defeating Montevideo in the CEFUBB and getting the ticket to the definition of the Gold Cup where they will face Malvín. After the game, we spoke with his coach, Luis Pierri.

Pierri began by talking about the goal achieved: “I was just talking about that with the players. I wanted to congratulate them for having achieved the goal of staying with number one, but it is a somewhat short celebration, because we already have to prepare things for the future. But we are really very happy about this achievement. “

Regarding the reality of the Hebrew, the former player and current coach commented: “We are very happy. We work, we maintain a process that changes with the players between the different seasons and unlike other teams, we did not maintain a strong structure. There were many changes this year, but despite everything we maintain an axis and we have a philosophy. But the main thing is satisfaction in general, projecting something and having it understood ”.

Pierri has been working as head of Hebraica and Macabi for several seasons: “This project is also about understanding things as in all areas of life, where one is constantly learning. Because life is precisely that, learn, learn and learn and so we have to live constantly, learning, the day we stop learning we die, there is no more life. Women’s basketball was not my suit, I had not had close contact, I had not worked and it cost me a process, but I continue to learn a lot every day, especially in dealing and how some aspects are played. Knowing what the players want, what I want and also seeing what they want to execute, because I am not one of those coaches who say to play regardless of the team. I evaluate the team, the players, in order to carry out the actions of the game ”.

On the clash with Malvín he analyzed: “Surely any of the three rivals we had in this Gold Cup were going to be difficult. In this case, we are playing against an opponent who is historically the champion, one of the favorites of the tournament, with an enviable record of 15 titles and although we got 1 and we know that it is a tough team to face, we are looking for the title . We have to achieve the objectives and get into the final, but first overcome Malvín ”.

All the teams in the Gold Cup are tough nuts to crack: “All teams are tough, in a situation similar to ours, there are Rowers who got in for the first time and then Defensor Sporting, who was the last champion. All the players on the campuses have their motivations and their plus. In sports, there is nothing more beautiful than playing this stage of the championships, where you cannot lose, you cannot give advantages and we have to be prepared for what is coming and do the best possible role ”.

To conclude, Pierri spoke of a return to men’s basketball but not for the moment: “I let things flow. Here in Hebraica and Macabi I feel very comfortable, it is my fourth year and I always say the same thing, I do not like to sell something that is not like that and that is how I am also in my life. I’m not going to tell you that five teams called me to lead, because there are no offers and today out of respect for Hebraica and Macabi and others, it does not cross my mind, because I understand and understand some things that lead to a process and that in some moment will pay off. At some point it may or will have to be given. But today I am in a comfortable place where I feel part of and 100% committed ”.

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“We have to achieve the objectives and get into the final”