“We have a very great strength which is defense”

Defensor Sporting won again this time against Lagomar and closed his participation in the regular phase. Now he will have rest and will wait for his rival in the semifinals. After the Básquet Total match, he spoke with the violet DT, Gino Alderete.

The game was not easy at all and once again a rival was planted in the zone to the champions and made it difficult for the violet team: “We are getting a lot of zone defenses, too tight to our liking, with very few rotations and very traditional. We are working because we are aware that we are going through a moment of low effectiveness, but luckily we always find the return on the other side of the court, solving good defensive situations and trying to score goals from the open field ”.

The champions suffered the loss of Aldana Gayoso during the championship and the Argentine Julieta Ale arrived, with different characteristics that led to a constant transition in the team as well as a meticulous study of the defenses in the zone and looking for her best attack after the loss of the effectiveness: “We are constantly seeing how to enter the zone, and seeing the new role assignment, not just the transition in the game aspect. But Aldana (Gayoso) took a lot of game actions, absorbed the offense a lot and now we find that there are players who are having more game actions. One of the clear cases is Lucía Schiavo who is assuming a lot and going through a great time, so we are in a real constant transition. “

One of the ways to attack the zone and break that losing streak of percentages is the constant training in the outside shot: “We are emphasizing the shooting, we are training it with much more volume than before, but we are also training other options to try to get to the rim. As it can be trying to get to step on the paint, put some cuts to the back or improve mobility in the penetration movements, to improve the passing line and have better receptions. We also know that shooting is our weakness at the moment, but we have a very great strength that is defense and that is what we are going to bet on. “

Jessica da Costa has been a very important player, before the start of the tournament Alderete had said that she came to bring experience to the team and what if she has done so: “Undoubtedly “Jessi “ It has given us that quota of experience that we needed. When he stands on the court, he already has a barbaric presence. The decisions he makes are sometimes not correct, many times they are correct, but he always takes them with great responsibility and that speaks to what we went looking for and what he is giving us. She is a very exciting and streaky player, when she finds a burst of points, that’s how it is, a burst of several points in a row that helps us to open a gap “

Asked if he expected to have this regular phase with these numbers, he said: “We knew it was going to be a tough league and we are also feeling that everyone comes out to gamble with everything and want to win, which we like, but we are also learning to carry that. And the truth is that we work and we hope to have the championship that we are having so far, luckily it has been given to us on the field ”.

On the great collective work, but with streaks of bad luck, on how to wear this Gino said: “We are a collective team, it is real that the ring closes on us, many times we feel that the ring closes in very good shooting options or very good collective plays, with good offensive movements when playing and the ball does not enter. And in not so clean plays the rival team faces a well planted defense, which I still think is one of the best in the championship even though sometimes we make mistakes, rivals shoot badly and the ball ends up going in, that gives us a bit of impotence.

“But hey, they are things that we have to learn to carry and also to have a little more patience in which the ball is going to enter and not be so anxious. But if we have to keep getting stronger on defense, which was the best aspect of the team last league and that hasn’t changed, if the offense was changed, but we built the team from the back to the front. ” He concluded on the importance of defense to reach the attack well.

To finish the dt champion spoke about the importance of these two weeks of rest and how they serve to prepare for the semifinals: “He gives us two weeks of study, we are already speculating which rivals can touch us, I have a favorite that I am not going to say. But having this last date free does not give two weeks of study and it is a lot of time, we have already begun to prepare it almost from now on. We are going to prepare by seeing which are the rivals that can touch us. In addition, it is two weeks to get in tune, not only with the game plan based on the rival that can touch us, but also from the psychological part. The health part is also good for us, there are some players who come with some nannies and these days they are very good to face the gold cup in the best way. “

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“We have a very great strength which is defense”