“We become strong on our court”

Ignacio Morena was one of the important men in Urunday Universitario, who took the unbeaten one from Urupán and reached his third victory in the championship. On the importance of being a strong locality, his minutes on the court spoke to the base with Básquet Total.

Regarding the victory, Morena commented: “We knew it was going to be a long and complicated game, the difference we were able to make was not real, because they were going to fight until the end. At halftime we just talked about that situation, but they are games, it is a very even League, we have nothing left over and we get messy for a couple of minutes, it got complicated, luckily this time we reacted on time and we were able to win”.

During the week we talked about the character we had to have. With Peñarol it happened to us that they took a quick advantage of us and we couldn’t get over it. We work for that, especially the mental, and I think today was a good test of the team’s character. The “Bola” (Germán Silvarrey) put those important free games in the closing and we closed it in a positive way“, Said the base about Urunday’s character when it seemed that the visit was still long.

In addition, they had the absence of Efianayi, who is an offensive leader in this squad. About that he explained: “We had to win because now there is a stop and we recover Tanksley (Efianayi) who today is one more player that we lacked in the rotation, and he was being our offensive leader. Luckily his absence could be made up for with all the confidence”.

Personally, I like to train and play, but we are with a squad that is not 100%, “Bola” is coming back from injury, “Tico” is half touched and Efianayi is torn. So, the parate is going to help us to do a mini preseason to get ready for the best part”Nacho declared about how the stop comes to the studious group

At a certain point of the night the scholar had 12/21 in triples, a very good percentage in the outside shot, about which Morena said: “We take the shots with all confidence. Héctor (Da Prá) is never going to tell us not to take the shots, but yes, with criteria. We shoot after reversing the ball and from a good position, when we go into a madness of a pass and a shot, that is when we lose control of the game”.

Undoubtedly, we know that the “Ball” is the main game generator base, but we with Gio (Corbisiero) train to be up to the task, and when Héctor gives us the opportunities we have to make the most of them. I know we are young and we are going to make mistakes, but little by little the idea is to establish ourselves as league players“Morena referred to the good trident that the student has at the base with Silvarrey and Corbisiero.

Regarding the third victory at Avenida Suárez in the same number of games played, he explained: “I really don’t know what this court has. All the leagues since I have been in first class have become strong on this field, I don’t know if it will be for the simple fact of training here, but the truth is that we have a high percentage of victories in our gym. We talk about it, get strong here and pinch as many points outside”.

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“We become strong on our court”