“We are not sorry to be candidates”

Athens won a great game against Redoubt as a visitor. One of the figures of the night was Martín Couñago, who spoke with Básquet Total after the game.

A game of streaks and very friction was the one that Athens ended up taking, of the game that at times was a physical fight, he said: “We know that Reducto is a rival that will be fighting at the top and this is a very tough court to come and play. It was a war like all the games we have been playing, luckily the team was tough and we knew how to attack at the right moments to get the point ”.

The game was even but had streaks that led to alternations of the scoreboard, in addition to being a game that was too played when going to the clash: “We expected this type of match and that it would be very friction. The two teams had an atypical week because we had contacts with positive for Coronavirus and that meant that we did not train. We only had one training session before this game, I think Reducto too. So it was logical that the game was stuck and that at times a showy game did not come out. We knew that the end was going to be closed and whoever did the best was going to win the game, luckily it was us ”.

Consulted by the key to the triumph Charly said: “More than anything it happened by not stopping the ball, that they were worn out by the diminished staff that they had due to the Covid. On the closing, Mujica left and that’s where we found the greatest advantage on bass with Héctor (Silva). “

Asked about the Reducto court and the physical wear and tear caused by Couñago, he stated: “I have nothing against Reducto, but you cannot play on these concrete courts. I have a crushed disc in my back and now in cold I can’t hurt anymore, my knees feel it a lot too. It is very difficult for the body to play in these conditions, but it is what it is and we have to come and play. We also know that it is a key factor for them, it is the advantage they have. We have to face the games and win them wherever. “

Atenes is one of the candidates to go up, but he did not start completely well. Asked if the team feels that pressure, Martín was clear: “Right from the beginning, when the team was put together, it was said that the main objective was promotion. Honestly, we are not sorry to be candidates, we came to the Redoubt court that it is not easy for any team to win and we won. Now we have to go to the hill to play with Paysandú and it will be another battle. We know that all of us come to beat us, like Welcome and all those who were armed to go up, but if we do not come out focused we know that we can go as we did on the first date with Capurro ”.

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“We are not sorry to be candidates”