“We are going to fight for sure in each game”

One of the main figures in the Aguatera victory against Capurro was Analía Martinez. After a special game for her, she spoke with Basketball Total.

Analía referred to the keys to Aguada’s triumph: “The defense was fundamental in the game and the fast attack was also very important. The intensity at the defensive level was essential to make the rivals uncomfortable and start the offense. When we can play open court, we are much more dangerous. We can make differences and this time, we knew how to take advantage of it very well ”.

The game managed to unblock from a very intense defense proposed by those of Avenida San Martín: “We left everything on defense. We strive in the game to make differences with our main weapon. But you cannot put aside the attack, the quick exit, we have to be effective when it comes to finding opportunities. Today we were able to do it and make differences ”.

For the “12” it was not just another match, not only because of his great performance, but because there was a peculiarity, he had to face his sister for the first time. On this, he said: “It was the first time we experienced a situation like this. It was weird having to be rivals but at the same time funny, we had been screwing around at home earlier in the game. At times in the game we had to defend ourselves and it was strange. In the same way, it is important that each one take their own path and live their own experiences. And well, today we had to face each other ”.

To finish, the rojiverde made a positive assessment of what her team has done so far: “In my opinion we have been doing a good tournament, with some ups and downs of course, but maintaining a certain level that we hope will not drop. Thinking of all the games that we have left, we cannot lower the level, it is to die. If we can all win great and if not, we will surely fight in each game ”.