“We are compatible in our goals and in our ways of seeing and facing life” | Daily Change

By Melisa Ferradini
Eduardo Lagos and Angélica Bandera are photographers. They have been working together for 18 years. They met in college and after nine years of relationship, they decided to get married on November 9, 2013. They have 2 children; 5-year-old Bruno and 3-year-old Catalina. Eduardo is 44 years old. He grew up in the Mi Tío neighborhood. He did elementary school at School No. 2 and high school at Lyceums No. 3 and 5. Then he attended the North Regional University of the Republic. Angelica for her part is 36 years old. He grew up in the Ceibal neighborhood. He did elementary school at School No. 9, high school at Lyceum No. 6 and high school at Lyceum No. 1 IPOLL. Then he studied law at the University of the Republic, which is about to end. Today, both of them practice their professions and recognize that it is a great satisfaction to work in the profession they have chosen and together in their company “Eduardo Lagos video and photography”. That has allowed them to grow as professionals and grow as people. And something no less important, the profession has allowed them to make a living from what they do.
-What qualities did you see in your partner that made you special?
-TO. Special qualities, I think none in particular, we met and started a relationship. Little by little like any normal person, and there we saw that our goals and our ways of seeing life were compatible.
-AND. We have very similar qualities. We are responsible, persevering, meticulous and that made us continue on the same path. Without choosing ourselves and without thinking about following that path without being either of the two specials, we feel the same in almost all situations and that unites us without thinking.
-What is the greatest strength and the greatest weakness when it comes to sharing work?
-TO. The greatest strength is that we are a team at all times, a single glance, a gesture, is enough to communicate. We know each other a lot, having been together so many years has made us reach that point, and gives us a lot of peace of mind when it comes to work. This results in the responsibility that characterizes us, and that the client is only responsible for enjoying, whatever the event for which we have been hired. I consider that we do not have a weakness, because when the time comes, we leave everything on the court, we are very meticulous with every detail, we schedule each job a lot, leaving nothing to chance.
-AND. We share the work without weaknesses, although we have many years of experience. Our greatest strength is that we give up everything in every job we do and we know that everyone on our team does everything to make the best of it.
-How has technology influenced photography in these times?
-TO. It has influenced a lot. We work from the 35mm roll and the VHS cassette and that made us appreciate what we experience today thanks to technology. Thanks to the advances, today it is possible to offer a range of services and products that have been highly desired for 30 years.
-AND. Today everything is lighter to move. Faster. Of another quality and in reality in the world of video and photography everything is possible. Technically everything is achievable and also very attractive new perspectives can be achieved as in all areas. Underwater and / or 360 degrees. With the current, easy and safe transport of data, today it is possible to receive and / or send jobs from anywhere in the world to where it is needed. This is essential in our current profession and was extremely necessary in times of pandemic to continue generating income.
-What are the roles defined at work and in housework?
-TO. The defined roles of each is that we both do everything. Both in the workplace and at home. Everyone does what they are supposed to do at the time and place that they have to be, both in what has to do with homework, as well as caring for the children. We have a very nice dynamic both as a work team and as a family, and the peace of mind that whoever is fulfilling a certain role is going to be doing it in the best possible way.
-AND. Roles are shared both at work and at home. We are both capable of meeting any expectation and need, whether at a party, in publishing, in the studio or in any household task. We are constantly informing ourselves of the activities in one place and another in order to comply with all the activities. We know that we can rest assured that if one is at home with the children, the other is in the studio working fully without thinking about whether the children will be well cared for. Both in paid work and at home we leave everything to avoid making mistakes. There is no fear or complexes when performing any task and this is a world trend today, it is not something we invented.
-How do you balance the work issue when you get home?
-TO. Business hours do not end when we close the business premises. We continue to serve people all the time. We are like full time in that sense. It is part of our daily life since there are people who for different reasons do not arrive during business hours and request attention, by phone, through networks, etc. And since they are both doomed to the same thing, work hours do not end at home. We are all the time exchanging ideas, coordinating deliveries, quoting future jobs and everything he does on a day-to-day basis.
-AND. As we are a family team, work is shared at home as well. Much of the preparation for going to work is done at home and upon arrival from a party as well. In other words, work is shared every day and at any time that is required. Our clients know that we always tell them “if we are awake we are open” even when we are not in the studio. Even on vacation we always say “the office is open.” On vacation although we do not have to edit, if we coordinate future works. Far from bothering us, being able to be connected to our work does us very good.
-What satisfactions has the profession given you both?
-TO. The greatest satisfaction is that it has allowed us to grow as professionals, to grow as people. And something no less important, the profession has allowed us to live from what we do. It is our economic sustenance. Another aspect to highlight in this regard is the conformity shown by our clients. That emotion that causes you every time you deliver a job and they call you to thank you, to congratulate you. Not only for the final product but for the human quality, kindness and professionalism that characterizes our team.
-AND. Being able to do what one likes and being able to make a living from it is the best thing that could have happened to me. The satisfaction you feel when clients congratulate you and thank you for the work we did is priceless. This profession is rewarding from the greeting of clients when they see you and remember happy moments in their lives. Even seeing those memories that you captured when you entered their homes. It is gratifying that they have chosen us from different parts of our country and from some parts of Argentina.
-What dream do you have pending to realize?
-A and E. Our greatest dream to fulfill is to see our children happy and being good people. Every other dream that we imagine is secondary and postponed.
-What do you like to do as a family in your free time?
-A and E. All the free time we have is dedicated to our children Catalina and Bruno and doing the activities that they like. If you can travel we do it.