Violet burst

The game began with Defensor planting a strong defense that Urunday found no way to break and a rapid transition to the attack of the merged teams that with good runs from the court reached the rival ring almost unopposed. However, when the students managed to close the painting well, they forced Defensor to look for the long shot where there was no longer as much efficiency. Urunday’s attack proved to be ineffective, as he could barely break 0 on the scoreboard thanks to the free-kick from Fiorella Garbarino but taking advantage of few clear scoring chances in the rival ring. A 3-pointer near the end by Antonella Ormando allowed Urunday to close the gap at the end of the first quarter, leading Defender 18-12.

In the second quarter the studious defense ended up closing the scoring channels for the violets, who except for free play and some sporadic play, saw the chance of scoring very complicated. Urunday was growing and getting closer on the scoreboard until he reached a double, but errors in the start or in attack plays gave Defensor the possibility to run again and widen differences, key to this being the participation of Lucía Schiavo, Paula Sosa and Aldana Gayoso. Both teams went into the long break with a score of 36-20 for Defensor.

The third quarter started the same as the first half ended, with Defender attacking deep and defending hard, widening the gap and giving minutes to his entire squad. Urunday did not find a way to stop the offensive violets and barely managed to generate danger in the rival rim, despite a reaction at the end that did not prevent the violets from leaving the third quarter winning 57 to 29.

The last quarter had the game practically liquidated, so both coaches took the opportunity to move their benches and give most of their players minutes. The match ended with a violet victory 81-39.