Video: Basketball player brutally assaults another minor in Los Angeles

The young woman struck her rival brutally on the neck.

Photo: Gray Mortimore / Getty Images

A video captured the moment in which a teenage girl brutally assaulted another minor during a basketball game for a youth tournament in the Los Angeles, California area.

The images were captured last Sunday, after one of the basketball players, in a black uniform, missed a shot at the hoop; another teenager, 15-year-old Lauryn Ham, who approached her, knocked the young woman down from behind.

The young woman got up without apparent problem, however, from the audience the scream of another woman was heard, inciting the player to hit her rival.

This is the video of the attack:

The woman who shouts “go and hit her” is the mother of the young woman in black, after her daughter fell to the ground; the basketball player, as can be seen in the video, got up and brutally beat her rival after standing up.

Neither the aggressor nor her mother have apologized to Lauryn Ham, despite the fact that the beaten young woman has already filed a complaint; In addition, one of the members of the referees also heard the incitement to violence and is willing to give testimony, according to Alice Ham, the mother of the girl who received the blow.

Although it is not known who, but it is said that the aggressor is the daughter of a former NBA player.

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Video: Basketball player brutally assaults another minor in Los Angeles