Very tough defeat of the Argentina National Team against Nigeria and the Dream Team is coming

The team led by Sergio Hernández fell 94-71, reaped its second consecutive fall and its next friendly will be against the United States.

Argentina Selection

The Argentina Selection from basketball fell again by 94 – 71 against Nigeria and accumulated his second loss in a row in equal presentations after the defeat he suffered against Australia on the cicada in the middle of the preparatory duels to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The next game will be against the USA.

Coach Sergio Hernandez decided to film the quintet composed by Luca Vildoza, Nicholas Brussino, Maximum Fjellerup, Lewis Scola and Marcos Delia to give more filming to those who had not played so many minutes in front of the ocean group. However, The Soul did not have a good game before a selection he came from beating the Dream team American last Sunday by 90-87.

During the first set, the team led by Oveja undid the offensive of the African team that registered 11 losses during that period with a good defense work that stopped the shots from a distance. After scoring 20 3-pointers in the last friendly, Nigeria went on to 0 out of 5 attempts.

However, the Argentina Selection lacked greater effectiveness in attack to enforce the defensive approach against the rival. The highlight went through two triples from Patricio Garino against a defense that drowned the blue and white team in each possession of the ball.

Argentina Selection

In Las Vegas, the team led by Mike Brown, Gregg’s former assistant Popovich on San antonio spurs, substituted ineffectiveness on 3-pointers with shots from the paint benefited by the physical power of his directed while waiting for me to join Jordan nwora when the finals of the NBA with Milwaukee bucks.

As opposed, Argentina had 36% shooting from the court with only one 19% in triples Y 19 losses while Leandro Bolmaro he was the only one who passed double digits in scoring. On the side of Nigeria, Jahlil Okafor was the top scorer of the match with 15 points in 14 minutes.

Marcos Delía and the defeat of the Argentine National Team against Nigeria

After the defeat by 94 – 71 of the Argentina Selection against Nigeria, frames Delia was optimistic about what the last friendlies left with defeats against Australia and the African set with the focus on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

At a press conference, the pivot of El Alma said: “We are having high-demand friendlies, which is what we need to get to the tournament well. The feelings are positive despite the defeats which obviously hurts us because it’s never nice to lose by 20 points. If we had won It would be a mistake to think that we are for a medal for beating a great team. To think that we are a disaster and have negative feelings would also be a mistake “.

“You have to be calm. We are a team with experience in these situations. We have to look forward and continue working as we have been doing, adjusting the things that were done wrong in the game, ”concluded the 29-year-old basketball player.

Argentina’s National Team lost to Nigeria in the pre-Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games


Argentina's National Team lost to Nigeria in the pre-Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The group of the Argentine basketball team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Argentina Selection from basketball will debut for group C in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics against Slovenia commanded by Luka doncic the next Monday 26 to 01:40 Argentine time. The Thursday 29 will go in front of Spain at 9 and will close the area on Sunday, August 1 against Japan to 01:40.

On the other hand, Nigeria will face group B of the competition together with Australia, Germany and Italy with a player base with past and present in the NBA added to the goal of being the first African team to overcome the first round in an Olympic event.

Photos: @cabboficial

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