Very hard lack in the Clemson-Duke of the university league

David Collins crossed paths with Wendell Moore jr. when he tried a mate on the counterattack


The Clemson–Duke of the American college leagueNCAA) did not have excessive history at a sporting level, with the ‘Blue Devils’ taking the victory by a clear 64-82. But one of the images of him appeared in most sports summaries, the one starring the base of the local team David Collins by stopping a rival counterattack with a very hard foul.

collins had just lost the ball in the offensive zone at the hands of Wendell Moore Jr., who headed for the other basket to complete what looked like an easy dunk. But nevertheless, collins It crossed the path of the attacker when he was starting his jump, causing the impact to cause him to lose his balance in the air and fall to the ground spectacularly from a great height.

The hard foul caused the irruption on the track of the coach of the Blue Devils Mike Krzyzewski and players from both teams. The thing did not happen to majors and collins was expelled. At the end of the game the point guard Clemson apologized to Krzyzewski and later apologized through his social networks. “I was running to put a stopper on him from behind but I was going too fast and I couldn’t stop. I have never been a dirty player and I want to apologize to everyone for this fault. I am glad that Wendell be well,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

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Very hard lack in the Clemson-Duke of the university league