Verdirrojo declared “all responsibility” after complaint against player for gender violence

Through a statement released on their social networks, the basketball club Green-red he dismissed “all responsibility” after the complaint to a club player for gender violence. The athlete, meanwhile, denounced his ex-partner for “false” accusations.

“Before the facts of public knowledge, the institution denies all responsibility, we are waiting for the justice to take action on the matter and issue a resolution. We reject all types of violence. In any situation of gender violence, contact the numbers 0800 4141 and * 4141 “, detailed the basketball club.

The issue became public as a result of the publication on social networks of photos and chats of a woman with the initials MF who denounced the player Lucas Rodriguez, his ex-partner, for beatings and insults. Among the images he shared on his Instagram are scrapes and bruises.

Rodríguez, meanwhile, published a video in their stories on the same social network noting that the captures in question with chats between the two are “taken out of context.” The basketball player claimed that the woman deleted part of the messages that completed the conversation.

On the beatings, he commented: “I can’t understand if a person who really suffers violence, the first thing he wants to do is get away and never get closer.” However, Rodríguez said, she called and sent messages to get closer to him. “I cannot understand how a person returns if they are allegedly assaulted,” he added.

She also assured that the blows were made by herself after throwing herself out of the car while he was driving.

The player indicated that he also made the complaint for “false accusations.” “Everything is in the hands of justice, I am very calm and that is why I am showing my face,” he said.

MF, for his part, wrote an extensive letter on his Instagram profile where he defined the player as a “liar, manipulative and violent” person. She also stated that her ex-father-in-law “hanged” her on one occasion.

She said that the relationship started in January of this year and that she lived with the player’s family at home. He also remarked that while he was with him, he learned that he had “precautionary measures” against an ex-partner. In addition, he added: “Later he told me that he had an ankle brace due to a fight with a man.”

“After that, the manipulations and mistreatments began. Insults towards me, he isolated me from everyone, he kept my things, with my car, when he wanted to leave his house he threatened me, he hanged me, he even broke everything what was in his room when I wanted to go, “he said.

MF explained that as a “protective measure” he now has an electronic ankle brace: “Thank God he has it, at least I can be at home safely.”

“I make this public so that they don’t believe him anymore and I don’t end up hitting him like us and killing someone,” he concluded.

Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Line

From a landline 0800 4141
From cell phones * 4141

The service is free, confidential and anonymous and the call is not recorded on the invoice. Depending on the situation and the demand raised, the person is referred to specialized public or private services and resources.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

What to do in a situation of violence? (Uruguayan Network of domestic violence)
– Talk to people you trust: family, friends, neighbors.
– If you decide to make a police report, seek first the advice and support of specialized services in domestic violence provided by the State and civil organizations.
– Leaving your home because they mistreat you is not abandonment of home. If you decide to do so, leave a record with the Police Section.
– If you have wounds or injuries, I went to any healthcare center, polyclinic or mobile emergency and asked for a certificate for the injuries found.
– Avoid being alone when you perceive that they can attack you.
– Alert a neighbor so they can help you. Leave a window open and the door unlocked.
– If the aggressor no longer lives in your house, do not open the door and if he insists, call 911.
– When you visit your children avoid doing it alone.
– Change routines if they chase you.
– I asked to be accompanied when leaving work, see if the aggressor is in the vicinity to avoid it and / or call the Police.


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Verdirrojo declared “all responsibility” after complaint against player for gender violence