Valencian football and basketball encourage young people to get vaccinated: “When we unite, we win”

Players of the Valencian soccer teams in the First Division –Villarreal CF, Valencia CF, Levante UD and Elche CF– and Valencia Basket are the protagonists of the campaign launched by the Generalitat in which the need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus because “there are games that are only won by teaming up.”

The Presidency of the Generalitat has launched this joint initiative with football and basketball clubs with the aim of “educating young people about the need for vaccination” against the virus

‘When we unite, we win’ is the message of a commercial – made by STVComunicación – that draws a parallel between the sporting achievements of these footballers, “authentic benchmarks for young people, and those achieved by Valencian society in their struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic “.

The general director of Institutional Promotion, Fernanda Escribano, thanked the athletes for their involvement in an awareness campaign that “responds to the commitment made by the presidents of these entities and the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, in the meeting held by mid July “.

As he has stated, the initiative is being developed “given the importance of contributing to the awareness of vaccination at this time when vaccination of the younger population is underway.” “On this occasion, the clubs compete together cooperating in the face of the pandemic”, underlined Fernanda Escribano.

Valencian football and basketball encourage young people to get vaccinated: “When we unite, we win” In this sense, the president of Villarreal CF, Fernando Roig, has pointed out that “it is vitally important that people understand that the only solution to To be able to combat this pandemic is vaccination. There is no other way. And the sooner we all have it, the sooner we will have herd immunity and the sooner we will end this pandemic that is affecting us so much in every way. ”

“The results are being very clear and convincing: vaccination works, the number of deaths has dropped radically. We need society to be aware, responsible and supportive, and to go to get vaccinated,” he added.

For his part, the president of Valencia CF, Anil Murthy, stated that “vaccination is essential to continue fighting against the virus.” “From Valencia CF we understand as a responsibility to contribute to the awareness of the entire society, especially among the youngest. It is our commitment as a club to give our support to the institutions and we encourage everyone to get vaccinated against Covid-19”, he asserts.

“In the last year and a half – he continues – we have fought and we have all gone through difficult times. It is a reality that we all want to enjoy again, to see the Camp de Mestalla full again and our fans vibrating with it. To achieve this, vaccination “together we can achieve it” is key.

The president of Levante UD, Quico Catalán, thanked the Generalitat for having counted on his entity to participate in a campaign that he considers “of vital importance to begin to glimpse the end of this fateful period that we are experiencing”.

“With the participation of our players in this announcement we want to do our bit to raise awareness among the population, especially the youngest, who are those who are currently in the vaccination period, of the importance of administering the vaccine against Covid-19 to achieve herd immunity and return to enjoy our lives as normally as possible, “he says.


And he adds: “Go back to the stadiums, vibrate again with each goal, cheer on your team, hug your friends to celebrate the victories … All these moments can only be lived as before if each one of us put our own We want to see again all those families and friends giving their encouragement from the stands of the Ciutat de València Stadium, feel their warmth and support, and notice their presence. Therefore, we encourage society to be a participant in this long-awaited immunity so that, together, we can once again enjoy what unites us and what we are most passionate about “.

The president of Elche CF, Joaquín Buitrago, states: “We have all suffered a lot since March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has been and is being very hard, but the end is near. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we have a long way to go. little to enjoy life the way we like it. And the key to that is vaccination. ”

“From Elche CF we are proud of the effort of our institutions, such as the Generalitat, to achieve this. The vaccine is the only way, together with our individual responsibility, following all the measures that the authorities set us, to leave this nightmare behind”, has indicated, and added: “With the vaccine we score the first goal to the pandemic; later, the great victory will come: enjoy football as before, in the stadiums, together with ours. We are getting closer and closer to achieving it” .

And, finally, the general director of Valencia Basket, José Puentes, stressed that “vaccination is very important and it will be one of the keys so that we can continue to enjoy basketball and, furthermore, do it in the safest way possible” .

For this reason, Valencia Basket “has participated in this campaign promoted by the Generalitat to raise awareness among all Valencians, especially young people, to get vaccinated. We really want to be able to refill the Fonteta and it is everyone’s responsibility to achieve the objective “, has remarked Puentes.