“Urupán is a divine club”

Sebastian Ottonello was the catalyst for Urupán in the away win against Malvín. After finishing the game, he spoke with Basketball Total.

The “Tile” began by talking about the undefeated of his team: “We are happy to start with four wins in a row. Now the responsibility is another, we are no longer the surprise. The rivals know that we are a tough team and we are happy that it is so ”,

About Urupán’s game, he expressed: “In the team there are 9 or 10 players who score and that makes the game easier for us. At times the generator was Martín (Trelles), at other times Mateo (Sarni), the foreigners and sometimes it was my turn. Little by little we are finding ourselves on the field and we are inserting Antonio (Bivins) who comes from an injury. This is particularly a court where I feel very comfortable and that influences. I played in Malvín for a year and a half, I did my last year of youth and half a year of the U23 Tournament, so playing here is a plus ”.

When asked about the support they receive from their fans, he commented: “The support of the people is very important. They make us feel like a local but also a visitor and that comforts us. Today they came here to Malvín and made themselves known. The players make us feel permanently and it is a mime. Urupán is a divine club, and this is a beautiful city. There was a lot of expectation before the championship started, it was the club’s first year in first class. It seems to me that he proved to be up to the task and I think he will remain in first class for many more years ”.

On how he lived the preparation for the championship, he replied: “Inside doors we were very confident, he foresaw at the beginning. We had a great preseason, perhaps not as we would have wanted for the players we were playing Metro. We knew we had a team with a lot of goals and Esteban (Yaquinta) made us work very hard. The reality is that we believed in our potential and what we were for. Hopefully we can continue on this path ”.

“Our goal is to qualify among the 8. Perhaps the fixture started reversed, now we have very difficult games against the favorites to win the League. It is a very rare tournament, there are teams that prepared very well and have not won yet or have won only once. But we plan to be in the playoffs “ Ottonello sentenced with respect to the objectives that are raised as a team.

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“Urupán is a divine club”