Uruguayan League: started the fourth date with three games

This Monday began the fourth date of the Uruguayan Basketball League with three simultaneous meetings: Peñarol beat 86-63 to Urunday University, watery won 76-67 against Defender Sporting and Olivol World did the same before Capitol by defeating him 89-75.

Peñarol 86 – Urunday University 63

In the televised game of the day, the aurinegro achieved his first victory so far in the League with a stellar performance by Flowers, the highest scorer of the game with 20 points. The first half ended 48-26 in favor of Peñarol, who with the help of foreigners Flowers (19) and Roberts (11) managed to get a considerable income. For his part, the scholar had his top scorers in the first stage in the Jackson brothers, since between them they reached 19 units.

The aurinegro took advantage in the percentage of doubles scored since he scored 12/16 (75%), in contrast to the 10/19 (52%) of Urunday.

In turn, the low percentage in Urunday’s outside shot was striking, who only hit 1 of 13 shots (7%) compared to the 8/18 scored by Peñarol (44%). However, the scholar took advantage in the counterattack points (5 to 2).

In the complement, the contribution in scoring by Liggins was essential, who finished the process with 14 units. Ultimately, the mirasol ended up taking it, which debuted in victory, and the scholar reached his second loss in four games.

Aguada 76 – Defensor Sporting 67

For its part, the game between Aguada and Defensor was dominated from start to finish by the aguatero, who went into the long break winning 35-27 with Duren as the top scorer (9). However, Alessio led the one-eyed man with 13 points.

In the complement Calfani showed why he is a national team player and finished the game with 20 points. At the same time, Duren’s contribution in that aspect (14) was important for the rojiverde to remain undefeated.

Olivol Mundial 89 – Capitol 75

Finally, the Mundialista reached his second victory in the contest with Pierce as an absolute figure, since he contributed 30 points and three rebounds.


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Uruguayan League: started the fourth date with three games