Uruguayan League: after debuting with defeat, Urunday recovered and beat Goes 89-64

This Thursday the second date of the Uruguayan Basketball League with the game they starred in Urunday University and Goes. The scholar won 89-64 against the missionary with a superlative level of Efianayi, who scored 25 points.

The match

The first five minutes of play were even and neither of them managed to make a great income. The maximum was Goes and was five points (12-7), but Jackson immediately discounted with a double. Three minutes from the end, a shot from Facundo Medina from 6.75 meters ended giving the scholar a 12-12 tie.

However, a double by Ocasio and a free kick seconds from the end of the first boy gave Goes the lead, who finished up 15-12. The missionary’s top scorer was Osimani with 8 points, while the scholar had Medina as the scoring leader with five points.

At the beginning of the second boy Urunday turned it around with a partial 5-0 in a minute and a half of play. The entrance of Corbisiero and the sanducero Dotti contributed to him in the offensive game and that allowed him to be in front for the first time in the game (17-15).

In the middle of the second quarter, Martínez scored a triple that allowed the missionary to get two points of income (24-22). With Dotti and Jackson as references, the Da Prá team grew.

Two minutes from the end, the North American contributed a phenomenal sink that allowed him to reverse the score (26-24). The contribution of Efianayi and Dotti in the last minutes was crucial to open a maximum income of seven points at the end of the first half (37-29).

In addition, the scholar had no rival and, with the contribution of Corbisiero at the base, Morena in the lead and, above all, Efianayi (25 points) in the outside shot, he managed to overwhelm the rival with a 25-point advantage. This Friday the second date continues with three meetings.


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Uruguayan League: after debuting with defeat, Urunday recovered and beat Goes 89-64