Uruguayan League 2022/2023: the reason why it will be “special”, format and possible start date

A little over two months before the start of the Uruguayan Basketball League 2022/2023, the Uruguayan Federation began preparations for the contest. In dialogue with Ovation, Ricardo Vairopresident of the organization, gave details of what this new edition will be: “The League is scheduled to start Tuesday October 20, this year will start a little later, we are working and we expect to continue growing. The format would be the same as last year and it is a very special league also because it is the twentieth edition, so we are going to do some events to try to celebrate it”, he began.

“Most of the teams are already armed at the level of national files and even already with their foreigners confirmed; We will continue to work both the federation and the clubs with great courage and strength to have a very good league”, added Vairo.

Regarding the format, the regular phase of the tournament will be two rounds in which the teams will have to measure themselves all against all. The first four classified will access the quarterfinals of the contest, while those who finish from fifth to twelfth place will play the playin in search of four places in the playoffs. For its part, the two teams that finish in the last positions will play the Metropolitan Tournament.

In another order, when asked about the events that are planned from the League to celebrate the 20 years, Vairo replied: “We are starting to work on them, surely we will have a launch event and a League draw a little special, but we are going to define it”.

Regarding the hierarchical incorporations that the different casts had, he stated: “I think several teams have been well reinforced, we are going to have a very good level of Americans in many cases, of course a strong league contributes to the growth of basketball.”

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Uruguayan League 2022/2023: the reason why it will be “special”, format and possible start date